Throughout his eventful life, his family has always provided him with solid support. Paris born guitar virtuoso Emmanuel U-Nam Abiteboul has dedicated his new album Sunshine of Mine to his beloved son.

With the exception of two covers U-Nam has written all tracks. In his recording U-Nam was supported by a large number of profiled musicians as can be seen from the credits.

On his new album, U-Nam doesn't feel like he's in a race with George Benson or Nile Rodgers but has found his own mature style. The title track reveals a melodious tune without eccentric escalations.

Make A Wish is already runing up and down the radio stations. U-Nam leans a bit on R&B music, taking strong support from strings and, when not following the melody line, dabbling in Hendrix-esque climaxes.

With Hang On A Star, U-Nam gets fully into party mode. With sure instinct he picks up popular motifs and playing styles of smooth jazz to present them in his own way.

Juicy Smile is fatally reminiscent of Nile Rodgers compositions in its structure. Its Only Love is a cover of the Barry White song from 1978. With this, U-Nam follows his popular adaptation of earlier R&B hits of the 70s.

Come with Me to Rio is a single from Jon Lucien from 1983. U-Nam picks up the melody and processes it in his well-known manner. Coastline builds on a catchy sequence of notes that U-Nam deftly develops into a crowd-pleaser.

With Baile Do Brasil, U-Nam dives into Brazilian light music, which was also very popular in Germany for a while. First Class begins well-structured, only to get lost in U-Nam's mannerism again as it progresses. Bombastic overloaded arrangements and everywhere exaggerated virtuosity.

Little Dreamer is aimed at U-Nam's son. It is pleasant that U-Nam largely refrains from improvisations. The album closes with a radio-edited version of the first song.

With Sunshine Of Mine U-Nam enriches the smooth jazz music scene in his familiar way. Who loves his music will find his gems in any case.







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Album Information

Title: Sunshine of Mine
Artist: U-Nam
Year: 2023
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Skytown Records

1) "Sunshine of Mine" (4:30)
2) "Make a Wish" (3:49)
3) "Hang on to a Star" (5:07)
4) "Juicy Smile" (3:53)
5) "It's Only Love" (3:58)
6) "Come with Me to Rio" (5:23)
7) "Coastline" (4:35)
8) "Baile Do Brasil" (4:38)
9) "First Class" (4:17)
10) "Little Dreamer" (6:19)
11) "Sunshine of Mine-Radio Edit" (3:53)

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U-Nam: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Lead & Background Vocals, Bats, Synth Bass, Rhodes, Keyboards, Horns, Carnaval Whistle, Programming & Editing.

Franck Sitbon: Rhodes & Piano (1,6&7)

Bill Steinway: Rhodes (9)

Kim Hansen: Rhodes, Keyboards &

Additional Arrangements (10)

Michael White: Drums (6&10)

Fran Merante: Drums (1,7&9)

Dwayne "Smitty" Smith: Bass Larry Salzmann: Percussion

Denis Benarrosh: Percussion[5,7&9)

Christian Martinez: Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Joabe Reis: Trombone

Mar,ia Grig: Violin & Viola

Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva: Cello

Kim Chandler: Background Vocals (5)