Born in Hamburg, studio musician Ray Bach began his musical creative period in the advertising industry. Working as an Art Director he also composed jingles and sound dips, but soon developed a deeper aspiration. In 1989. the beginning of his solo career saw the album The Book Of Movie Scores, released in 1991 on the label IC / Digit (Independent Composers I Innovative Communication) by Mark Sakautzky and Michael Weisser. This label, which supported the particular music genre of New Age and New Instrumental, described the music as Light Jazz Urban Grooves better known in America as smooth jazz. At that time, as the music lovers understand the value of music, especially in the aspect of the CD the music business and the labels had no effort to spread the music.

Ray Bach released his music under the moniker Freeze Frame. While he produced his debut album in a short time, his second album The Crossover (1992) breathed jazz and featured the singer Gabi P. affording Bach to spend more time in the studio.

Early 1994 Bach released Loving Life which radiated pure joy of living with a natural beauty on the cover. These positive vibrations that reflect holiday memories are found in the music throughout the entire album.

With Feeling So Good (1996), the combined scores in lust for life continue. This album is a peculiarity insofar as it contains a CD-ROM in addition to the audio CD. This consists of additional media elements that are a realization of the graphic artist Ray Bach.

The album A Balanced World (1999) is based on the collaboration with bassist Stephan Gade, who contributed with his own compositions to the success of the album.

After a long hiatus. Ray Bach made his comeback in 2006 with the album Transition, an album that clearly showed Bach's musical evolvement while maintaining continuity. Taken from this album is the song 'Lincoln Park*, which also gives this compilation its name. The album was released on the label Lantern Phonograms, chosen by Freeze Frame for further musical collaboration.

Colors Of Summer (2009) consistently continued the familiar style of the formation: Ray Bach was supported by well- known musical companions such as the guitarist Stephan Gade. bassist Lars Slowak and trumpeter Niels Karsten. Just like at the beginning of his career Bach realized this album with the software Cubase by Steinberg (which he expressly mentions in many of his albums).

The Score Of Movie Books (2012) is linked conceptually to the debut album, which was developed in a creative frenzy that lasted four weeks. Again Bach was free and unfettered to work which made his journey into the past a great success.

The EP The Smooth Shore followed in the same year, on which memories of the old IC / Digit times can be acknowledged from the cover's graphic design. This album featured the singer LIZA, who had a guest appearance on the previous album. Early 2013 sees Freeze Frame s EP Best In Life, which connects to the album Transition with the song 'Return To Lincoln Park." Stylistically Bach remains true to his earlier works.

Experience (2014) was the most expensive production with the participation of a large number of musicians and of unusual playing time. New influences and inspirations nourished this experiment.

The Works announced itself in 2015 with a laughing and crying eye. Bach announced this to be his last album and a worthy conclusion. On his website, he explained the reason for ending the Freeze Frame project at the sinister work of Spotify, making it impossible for him to continue this musical endeavor. Appearances on this album next to Bach are a variety of other musicians, of which especially the gifted singer Konstanze Arens should be mentioned, which has decisively supported the project Freeze Frame with her label Lantern Records.

Now another album is yet to be released, as requested by the many fans of Ray Bach. Lincoln Park - The Best Of Freeze Frame is a thank you to all friends of his music, who have remained loyal over the years. It contains a selection of Bach's songs from all periods, they not claim to be representative collects, but contains exactly what made his music so popular: the Groove!

Dezember 2015





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Album Information

Title: Lincoln Park - The Best Of
Artist: Freeze Frame
Year: 2016
Length: 1:04:48
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Laterne Tonträger

01 Inside the Fourth Wave (Remaster 2016) [5:54]
02 Hand in Hand (Remaster 2016) [3:29]
03 Song For Liza (Remix & Remaster 2016) [3:39]
04 Under The Big Blue Sky (Remix & Remaster 2016) [3:54]
05 Life Is What You Make It [3:29]
06 Lincoln Park [3:49]
07 St.Monica Boulevard [3:28]
08 Silver Sunrise [3:22]
09 Beyond Emerald Hills [4:38]
10 The Return of the Ducks [5:01]
11 Terrace View (Delfin Playa Mix) [4:07]
12 Day of Sun [3:51]
13 Moods of New York [4:48]
14 A Magic Potion [3:40]
15 A Perfect Day [3:36]
16 Sun Cruising [4:03]

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