Older readers will remember the glorious time of the label IC/Digit (Independent Composers/ Innovative Communication), on which Mark Sakautzky and Michael Weisser released their German version of New Age and Smooth Jazz. Dancing Fantasy, Terry Marshall, George Bishop, Blue Knights, Teekay, Freeze Frame were among the presented artists.

The story of Freeze Frame began with the album The Book of Movie Scores (1989), followed by The Crossover (1992), Loving Life (1994), Feelin' So Good (1996), and A Balanced World (1999). On the label Laterne Tonträger Ray Bach, mastermind of Freeze Frame, released the albums Transition (2006) and Colors Of Summer (2009).

On his latest album The Score Of Moviebooks (2012) Ray is supported by Georg Hahn (vocals), Lars Slowak (bass), and Ricky Garcia (guitar). Ray comments his new album: "Behind the conceptual idea was that I was repeatedly asked about my debut album The Book Of Movie Scores. An album which I had created in just 3 to 4 weeks. I felt ecstatic! The content was no consideration of contemporary music, what was almost a little naive at that time.

I was reminded of the creative process from 20 years ago and just wanted to go free and unencumbered to the approaching anniversary album, as I did on my debut. It was also a journey into the past. The process actually worked, the output was enormous, the material could have easily fit for a second album. Perhaps that will also be published."

The album starts with The Return Of The Ducks composed as a clear reminiscence of Duck Tales, a tune from Rays' debut album The Book of Movie Scores. Ray picks up on the original theme on the synthesizer and lead it to new heights straightly following the old style.

Angel In My Life features the singer Georg Hahn in a rocky attitude perfectly supported Ricky Garcia's fiery guitar performance. Crystal Lake is the incorporation of a magic atmosphere wonderfully created by Ray Bach in his own unique style. He is not to shy to combine synth keys with guitar and even violin.

Ray integrates in his album also personal memories. He explains: "I traveled a few times to France." St. Tropez and Gare Du Nord are musical echoes of these journeys. The title City Of Rain is very suitable for this season of rainy storms in Europe. With his warm vocals Ray Bach also convince the audience as singer, well supported by Liza. Very impressive the instrumental bridge.

Sky Riders seamlessly connect to Ray's synth style of the '90's. The Signature is Rays underlining scripture with dreamy elements sometimes drifting into free jazz. His musical strength is evidently his colorful and emotional descriptions of his voyages like Towards East (Tokyo) and Towards West (LA). The Final Script is Ray's contemplative consciousness of his work returning to the theme of the inaugural debut.

It therefore seemed logical to transfer the title of the first album The Book of Movie Scores to The Score of Movie Books. Ray Bach's new step on the borderline between Smooth Jazz and New Age. Let yourself be surprised!






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Album Information

Title: The Score Of Moviebooks
Artist: Freeze Frame
Year: 2012
Length: 0:56:24
Genre: Smooth Jazz


01 The Return Of The Ducks [5:01]
02 Angel In My Life [4:13]
03 Crystal Lake [4:28]
04 Saint Tropez [4:00]
05 Gard Du Nord [3:47]
06 City Of Rain [4:01]
07 Sky Riders [4:10]
08 The Signature [3:37]
09 Towards West [4:50]
10 Towards East [4:38]
11 Enter The Wave [3:26]
12 Leaving The Wave [4:13]
13 The Final Script [6:00]

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