Munich based formation Threestyle is one of the admirable formations that have improved from one album to the next, ultimately reaching world level. Perfect Combination is the absolutely fitting title for their latest work, which will be released at the end of April 2021.

Saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova, guitarist Robert Fertl and drummer Gabriela Chovancova are Threestyle and invite brilliant singer Damon Dae, the amazing singer Latonya Black, the wonderful vocal trio DW3 and the great singer Tim Owens, who we already had the pleasure to  present in connection to many albums of guitarist U-Nam.

The album opens with Steppin' Up with which our protagonists Magdalena and Robert rise to true greatness. A song always lives from the timbre of its performer. On Keep It Simple vocalist Damon Dae showcases his impressive voice in a beautiful setting.

Giant is Threestyle's very own presentation with hipness in a sonic journey. Lovin on Next to Nothin is the product of a fruitful collaboration with singer and composer Latonya Black. Latonya is a power-house vocalist with a musical theatre background and also an author of non-fiction books. The horn-infected Beat offers a Tower-of-Power-infused perfect storm.

With Prime Time Threestyle has built a memorable melody which could nestle in the front of the hit parade. No One Else Would Ever Do features the famous vocal trio DW3. The song sounds so professionally that I assumed it could be the cover of a megahit.

Smoothies is the aptly title of a sweet melody carried by sax and guitar in the sense of a sonic spirit. Come 2 Me is a group effort between Threestyle and Tim Owens, who also perfectly performs the song in a breathtaking way. One cannot find a better amalgamation of sax and vocals.

On the title track the group plays with sounds especially in the style of a scat song. The album concludes with the song Vision. Robert cites with his guitar the styles of George Benson, Carlos Santana and Dire Straits. Simply irresistible.

Threestyle's Perfect Combination has all ingredients to become the pick of the litter of new releases in 2021. What an amazing evolution.







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Album Information

Title: Perfect Combination
Artist: Threestyle
Year: 2021
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Welovemusic Records


1) Steppinī Up (4:06)
2) Keep it Simple (4:22)
3) Giant (4:37)
4) Lovin on Next to Nothin (4:10)
5) Beat (4:17)
6) Prime Time (4:47)
7) No One Else Would Ever Do (3:56)
8) Smoothies (4:23)
9) Come 2 Me (4:36)
10) Perfect Combination (4:29)
11) Vision (4:11)


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