Jessy J's solo albums Tequila Moon (2008), True Love (2009), Hot Sauce (2011) and Second Chances (2013) mark her constant way to fame and popularity in the smooth jazz community. Her fifth project is My One and Only One, scheduled for release May 26th, 2015.

Paul Brown, Gregg Karukas, Roberto Vally, Sergio Gonzalez, Richie Gajate, Michael Ripoll, Zoux, Oskar Cartaya, Ruslan Sirota, Alex Al, Taku, Michael Angel, Frank Abraham, Iajhi Hampden, Bryant Siono, Norman Jackson, Jay Gore, Lee Thornberg, Dave Hooper, Ronnie Gutierrez, Janis Leibhart & Dave Darlington are mentioned as supporting musicians on her website.

Jessy is toying gladly with her Mexican American ancestry. Many of her songs have a Latin American reference like the starting Una Mas. Capricious but warm on the skin like a soothing spring breeze soars the melody. The title track is more down to earth, so if she tried to retain My One and Only One.

Lovesong previous recorded by alternative rock band The Cure and British singer Adele is essential reinterpreted and immaculately limited to the melody. Swaying comes along The Tango Boy, the first single of the new album. Backed by a powerful horn arrangement, electric piano, Paul Brown on guitar, this is a tight show opener.

On Paraíso Mágico Jessy J dives into the Latin American world sharing the melody on flute and vocally. Back To The Basics is enhanced with Brazilian rhythmic instruments, an awesome piano solo and a jazz-inspired Jessy on sax. With You’re Making Me High, Toni Braxton's former hit single from her album Secrets, Jessy moves on solid ground.

Singing in Spanish belongs to Jessy's repertoire. With the euphonious Siempre she is in her element. In 2014 Jessy J had the pleasure of visiting Havana, Cuba for the International Jazz Festival. Cuba is at the same time remembrance and tribute to this island and their inhabitants connected with the music.

Strawberry Letter 23, legendary by The Brothers Johnson, was also covered by Quincy Jones, the group Kiara, Tevin Campbell and Phil Upchurch. A melody worth to replay.

The packaging makes music. Jessy J's appearance is outstanding, her stage presence is always a highlight for every event especially since she has preserved her naturalness. With such a jump start each album of her will succeed.






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Album Information

My One and Only One
Artist: Jessy J
Year: 2015
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


1. Una Mas
2. My One and Only One
3. Lovesong
4. The Tango Boy
5. Paraíso Mágico
6. Back To The Basics
7. You’re Making Me High
8. Siempre
9. Cuba
10. Strawberry Letter 23

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