Jessy J - Tequilla Moon


After Pamela Williams, Mindi Abair, Candy Dulfer, Katja Rieckermann Jessy J defines a new approach to the definition of sax and the beauty. Jessy is a member of guitarist Paul Brown's live band since Valentine's Day 2006. She got her first stage experience with Michael Buble, The Temptations and Jessica Simpson. Furthermore she performs with Michael Bolton, in addition to her work with two of Mexico’s most popular artists, Gloria Trevi (aka “The Madonna of Mexico”) and Armando Manzanero (whom Jessy calls “the Mancini of Mexico”).

Growing up with her Mexican born father and mother she has a huge affinity for Latin-inspired jazz. So it's naturally that Jessy offers Latin-influenced music on her debut album Tequilla Moon (2008). Guest musicians on her album are keyboardists Gregg Karukas, Ricky Peterson and Kiki Ebsen; bassist Roberto Vally; and drummers Oscar Seaton, Dave Beyer and Sergio Gonzalez. The album was produced by Paul Brown who also co-wrote most of the tracks and performs as guitarist.

“I really love working with Paul,” says Jessy,  “and we have an incredible musical chemistry. We’re truly on the same page when it comes to making music that’s both completely who I am yet also something people will easily understand. At first we were going to go for a more organic, earthy style, but then decided it was more ‘me’ to shoot for a straight up Latin sound. Recording the two vocal standards added excitement, depth and a sense of history to the mix. Tequila Moon is partly my influence and partly Paul’s. Two of my biggest inspirations on tenor are Boney and Joe Henderson, and I have learned so much from the sensitive way they play. I really try to love each note, because each note has its own shape and tells a story, like a musical snapshot of my life. Paul really helped bring all those nuances out in me, and he also knew which musicians would be perfect to work with on each track.”

Paul Brown is a pro in producing smooth jazz hits and when it comes to Tequilla Moon you know after the first notes that he did it again. Jessy's performance on tenor sax is elegant and seductive. Donald Hayes contributes Spanish Nights to the album. Although the drum-programmed rhythm doesn't fit the Latin flavored piece Paul Brown and Jessy J creates an appealing impression.

On Sin Ti/Without You Ricky Peterson shines on Rhodes Piano. A nice tune because Jessy has first time the space to expand her skills. Mas Que Nada was  originally written and performed by Jorge Ben in 1963, and later widely known by a cover of Sérgio Mendes. Jessy J's rendition fascinates with a warm young voice full of tenderness. Also superb Gregg Karukas on keys.

Fiesta Velada received high accolades in 2007 on the Catalina Jazz Trax Festival and was recorded with a team of top notch session players (Oscar Seaton - drums, Ricky Peterson - piano, Roberto Vally - bass). Poetry Man was written and performed by Phoebe Snow in 1974. Jessy's rendition on soprano sax is a smooth mirror of the original.

Is it the Turquoise Street in San Diego, Jessy is performing about in her song? Her style is devotional and full of emotions. Kiki Ebsen wrote the song and performed the keys. Kiki recently released her solo album Kiki, produced by Paul Brown. PB 'n' J is not peanut butter and jelly but Paul Brown and Jessy. A  feeding ground for all romantics.

Besame Mucho is a Mexican song written in 1940 by Consuelo Velázquez. Jessy J mesmerizes anew with her fresh circesque voice. Running Away is a theme full of problems, but not in this case. Jessy and Paul make it smooth and velvet. A Song for You was  written and originally performed by rock singer-songwriter Leon Russell in 1970. Most known is Donny Hathaway's version. Jessy sets new accents with her rendition.

"Sexy, irresistible, sensible, the upcoming sax star, soulful, delightful, top notch, fresh, and terrific" are attributes assigned to saxplayer Jessy J. With such acclaim of the critics, a great producer and the support of Peak Records Tequilla Moon sounds absolute tasty.




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  • Title: Tequila Moon
    Artist: Jessy J
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:46:09
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Concord Music Group

    01 Tequila Moon [4:36]
    02 Spanish Nights [3:45]
    03 Sin Ti / Without You [4:35]
    04 Mas Que Nada [5:04]
    05 Fiesta Velada [4:09]
    06 Poetry Man [3:36]
    07 Turquoise Street [4:04]
    08 PB 'n' J [3:05]
    09 Besame Mucho [3:40]
    10 Running Away [3:51]
    11 Song For You [5:43]