The J stands for jazz. Jessy J graduated as the "Most Outstanding Jazz Student" of her class at the University of Southern California. This amazing mix of female attractiveness, finest education and professional talent facilitated her speedy performance in the all-star Guitars and Saxes tours and also with GRAMMY-wining guitarist Norman Brown and his Summer Storm Tour. She also performed at the Dubai International Jazz Festival, at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the Pizza Express in London and we will welcome her next month at the Smooth Jazz Festival in Augsburg, Germany.

Currently she is touring with guitarist Paul Brown, her mentor and the producer of her solo albums Tequila Moon (2008), True Love (2009) and the upcoming Hot Sauce. Further musicians on this precious album are Ray Parker Jr. (guitar), Joe Sample, Gregg Karukas (keyboards) and Harvey Mason (drums). Jessy announces: “My previous recording, True Love, was an instrumental pop album,” she says. “This time I had a chance to work with some legendary musicians, and I believe I was able to show my growth as an artist.”

Remember The Night is inspired by the music of soul singer D'Angelo. With great finesse Paul Brown mixed the urban beat with smooth guitar loops and creates the right environment for Jessy's sophisticated sax show.

With Rio Grande she opens the door to her Latin heritage integrating Mexican chords into her saxophone interpretation.  “I’m really proud to be a Latina role model. It’s such a rich culture, and I have an affinity to music from both sides of the border.”

Hot Sauce in the style of Steve Oliver's Chips and Salsa serves Latin flavors in a jazzy way. Rainbow Gold unites top-notch musicians like Joes Sample, Ray Parker Jr. and Harvey Mason to an irresistible jam session. 'Till You Make Up Your Mind is pure mellow romantic music combining Jessy's appealing sax with Ray Parker's lyrical acoustic guitar play.

¡Hola! ¿Qué pasa With Meant To Be Jessy J allures with a brilliant sax solo garnished on a Spanish salad. We Kissed is Jessy's vocal and saxual Stan Getz tribute.  “I originally approached it as an instrumental track and was thinking specifically of his airy, vintage sound. Later, Paul wrote the lyrics.”

With Leave Right Now Jessy J adds her own dreamy contribution to the romantic love songs. Ideal for the first dance by the bride on every wedding.  Duke Ellington's jazz ballade In A Sentimental Mood is presented by jazz and soul singer Saunders Sermons in the style of Ella Fitzgerald. Stunning authentic.

On Last Night Jessy J ultimately jams with piano-legend Joe Sample and guitar-hero Ray Parker Jr.. The recording with Joe was all done in just one take,” says Jessy. “We had to edit because the track was originally almost 15 minutes long – there was so much juicy material that we just couldn’t stop.”  With two encores this tune clocks for more than 8 minutes!

With Hot Sauce Jessy J exhibits new musical elements in her performance like Latin music and soulful jazz appealing with her sensual diversity beyond the genre.





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Album Information

Title: Hot Sauce
Artist: Jessy J
Year: 2011
Length: 0:43:12
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Heads Up International


01 Remember The Night Featuring Paul Brown [4:09]
02 Rio Grande [4:01]
03 Hot Sauce [3:17]
04 Rainbow Gold Featuring Joe Sample & Harvey Mason [4:27]
05 'Till You Make Up Your Mind [3:53]
06 Meant To Be [4:07]
07 We Kissed [2:50]
08 Leave Right Now [3:34]
09 In A Sentimental Mood Featuring Saunders Sermons [4:47]
10 Last Night Featuring Joe Sample & Ray Parker Jr. [8:08]

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