Jessy J brought in 2008 a sexy note into the smooth jazz scene, when she started her solo career with her album Tequila Moon. Under the patronage of hit-producer Paul Brown she was soon the optical and acoustic highlight on many festival and events.

Jessy not only places high value on her musical education, graduating with a degree at the University of Southern California, she also carefully maintains her external appearance. With that penchant for perfection also her albums True Love (2009) and Hot Sauce (2011) are equipped. Her previous albums were released on Heads Up Records. Her new album Second Chances will be released on Shanachie Entertainment.

This is not only a change of the label. For the first time she produced the complete album herself. To secure the high quality of her album she worked with top-musicians like Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Norman Brown, Johnny Britt and Joe Sample.

On the introducing track Listen 2 The Groove Jessy performs with Jeff Lorber, she knows since the Guitars and Saxes Tour in 2008. Although Jeff has released in the recent years only Jazz Fusion albums, he delivers a brilliant result, when it comes to a smooth jazz production. With Jimmy Haslip on bass and Tony Moore on drums Jessy can fully develop her ideas.

Her second tune Second Chances features guitarist Norman Brown and singer and trumpet player Jimmy Britt, who just released his album Feels So Good. Norman's guitar solo gives the tune that extra something. Roberta Flack's huge hit Feel Like Makin' Love gets a new look by Jessy, a Latin tinged lounge tune. Tim Stewart does a fantastic job on acoustic guitar.

Jessy explores the Latin world with Carlinhos Brown's Magalenha, to find on Sergio Mendez' Grammy awarded album Brasileiro. She transformes the Bossa Nova piece into the smooth jazz format and adds her own accents. Jessy lives her love of Latin American music also on the following Tango For Two. A collaboration between Jessy, Jeff and Jimmy, who bring all their knowledge into the song.

On Dos Jessy is joined by bassist Bryant Siono (Backstreet Boys, J-Lo) and guitarist Facundo. Another crew, another music. Jessy performs flute and soprano sax, while Facundo hums the background line. La Luna Feliz presents Jessy singing the Spanish melody and performing on tenor sax and flute. Bryant Siono on guitar and Charles Streeter on drums show some superior inserts.

Looks like Jessy J was converted by Jeff Lorber to fusion jazz on Double Trouble. I really got into the whole Jeff vibe on this track and so the melody came out on my tenor saxophone and he doubled it on the mini-moog, which made it sound really deep and thick. The melody really flows and being the producer I could interpret the music however I wanted to, she shares.

With Mambo Gumbo Johnny Britt gives a funky overview of New Orleans music scene. Joe Sample supported Jessy in writing the song. On the final song Twice Johnny Britt brings a lot of his personality and makes the song his own.

Jessy J underlines with her fourth album Second Chances her progress in many ways. Entertaining from beginning to end Jessy unveiled her manifold qualities as a musician, composer, arranger and producer. Respect!





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Album Information

Title: Second Chances
Artist: Jessy J
Year: 2013
Length: 0:42:16
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


01 Listen 2 The Groove (feat. Jeff Lorber) [5:01]
02 Second Chances (feat. Norman Brown) [3:46]
03 Feel Like Makin' Love [3:38]
04 Magalenha [4:29]
05 Tango For Two [4:19]
06 Dos [4:19]
07 La Luna Feliz [3:29]
08 Double Trouble (feat. Jeff Lorber & Jimmy Haslip) [5:19]
09 Mambo Gumbo (feat. Johnny Britt) [3:10]
10 Twice [4:45]

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