Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden's finest export of smooth jazz, piano magician Jonathan Fritzén spreads his wings over the States. With his 6th album Ballads (2017) he demonstrates the rightness of his compositional concept. 

Guest musicians on his new project are Alex Crown and Andreas Rydman (guitars), Katarina Fritzén (flute) and Peter "Peet" Ferencz (violin). All other instruments are played by Jonathan, who also composed, produced and mixed all songs.

The Journey is remarkable in its quiet, unobtrusive song structure, which fits so wonderfully to the Swedish natural landscape. The piano is the main carrier of the sonic sequence and is gently accompanied by a violin arrangement.

Today differs with some degrees from the starting set. Guitarist Alex Crown delivers the energetic moment, while Fritzén concentrates on the melodic flow. Jonathan was featured on Bring Me to Life of the Peet Project's album The Bad Boys Of Budapest. The counter-visit takes place on the aptly titled song The Fiddler featuring violinist Peter "Peet" Ferencz. A miraculous ballade, in which the spirit of the violin is palpable in every bar.

Let It Go has a certain awakening flash, that rises with a nicely balanced composition above the everyday songs of other competitors. Just Be follows seamlessly the red line of romance. Beyond the Sun walks on the path of Dan Siegel, Jim Brickman and Richard Clayderman.

The ambient sound of Sahara flares like the glowing heat in extraterrestrial beauty.  On Countryside the music gained more ground. Andreas Rydman serves some country elements on guitar. In the Zone brings some touches of mystic directly from the Twilight Zone.

Eternal waves in illusive textures beyond imagination and dreams. Serenity, the great ocean of calmness, set in ethereal notes of a well thought out composition. Rainbows is the third song of the final inspiring New Age trilogy which completes the amazing venture.

Apart from his known smooth jazz projects Jonathan Fritzén opens with Ballads a new side of his artistry and creativity. A music with passion, depth and proficiency in the land of smile.







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Album Information

Title: Ballads
Artist: Jonathan Fritzén
Year: 2017
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Nordic Night Records

1 The Journey 3:49
2 Today 3:54
3 The Fiddler 4:04
4 Let It Go 3:59
5 Just Be 4:31
6 Beyond the Sun 4:49
7 Sahara 3:59
8 Countryside 4:06
9 In the Zone 4:25
10 Eternal 4:42
11 Serenity 3:04
12 Rainbows 1:46


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