His music style is unique and has a high recognition value. Guitarist Chris Standring is one of the rare guitarists, who invents himself again and again. Thus, each of his albums has the charm of discovery. So it is with his latest album that's aptly called Ten.

While he focused on his previous album on songwriting, composition and arranging, he allows himself on the new one to improvise and just really play what he defines as jazz guitar performance. The elite circle of musicians accompanying him are Andre Berry (bass), Chris Coleman, David Karasony and Sergio Gonzalez (drums), Dino Soldo (sax), Dan Lutz (acoustic bass), Jeff Babko (Fender Rhodes), and Rodney Lee (organ).

Ready Steady Flow starts the album with a memorable hooking groove, which unmistakably sets this guitarist on the forefront of the smooth jazz genre. He combines a catchy rhythm with classy talk box and his resounding Benedetto Bambino archtop guitar. Don't miss the remarkable video of this song featuring model Shasta Wonder.

Snake Oil opts on the contrast between casual guitar sound and staccato snare drum. Dino Soldo adds his crazy sax and Dan Lutz lets it flow on the acoustic bass. Magic Carpet Ride has that dreamy something of the early Pat Metheny music mixed with elements of the chill out band Jaffa. An ingenious implementation by the participating musicians.

Like on velvet cat feet comes Carousel. The beauty is based on the restriction to the pure guitar tone. Like This, Like That is a mind blower with British routine. Welcome to the lounge party. Soul Vibration delivers a crispy mix of electronic sound and guitar chords. Bossa Go Go is a decent Latin flavored tune with a smooth jazz overhead. Parisian Blue has much of Standring's elder albums. A stronger and jazzier appeal with a twisty swing.

A Piece Of Cake is stylistically near to Magic Carpet Ride with the same Metheny flow and a hooking melody. Soldo and Lutz are also on this party. Never Too Late tends to a melancholic evening mood with a warm acoustic background featuring Dan Lutz on acoustic bass and David Karasony working with brushes on snare drum.

Guitarist Chris Standring has found his style and Ten is an enduring follow up to his previous albums. Don't try to define the musical category, just enjoy the album.





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Album Information

Title: Ten
Artist: Chris Standring
Year: 2016
Length: 0:47:19
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Ultimate Vibe Recordings

01 Ready Steady Flow [4:31]
02 Snake Oil [4:24]
03 Magic Carpet Ride [6:57]
04 Carousel [4:35]
05 Like This, Like That [4:42]
06 Soul Vibration [4:28]
07 Bossa Go Go [3:57]
08 Parisian Blue [4:03]
09 Piece Of Cake [4:05]
10 Never Too Late [5:38]

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