British born guitarist Chris Standring has find the golden key to a glorious career. In the early time of his musical activity he was a member of the trio Solar System. After his re-location to L.A. he performed with Bebe & Cece Winans, Rick Braun and Jody Watley.  In 1998 he brought his debut album Velvet to public attention. In 2000 followed Hip Sway. Receiving high accolades he was motivated to release Groovalicious (2003). In between he started his website offering a galore of jazz guitar lessons, later also Well, in 2006 Chris returned with Soul Express promoted with
two successful summer tours in 2006/2007.

His new album Love and Paragraphs, scheduled for release on April 22nd 2008, is also the debut release on his newly formed indie label Ultimate Vibe, a new start as entrepreneur for niche compilations in the chill lounge arena and beyond. Chris explains the heritage of the title in the liner notes of his album. He has always done his best to keep up with his fans and friends across The Pond via email. One of his good pals in London seemed a bit miffed, however, when he replied to her lengthy email with just a short sentence or two. Last year, when the British born musician was there doing his annual slate of gigs, she said, “You owe me more paragraphs.” His response? Signing her CD, “With Love & Paragraphs, Chris”—a phrase that inspired Love & Paragraphs.

The title Qwertyuiop is easy to find on your keyboard. The tune has a funky touch. No wonder, Funk man Andre Berry (bass) is on the party and with Everette Harp on sax Chris has a further specialist of this style.

The title song is a big runner. All over the radio waves right now this captivating song is haunting you. The seductive guitar refrain is just as addictive as the lead melody and Mary Cassidy's breath of air is the icing on the cake.

Are some people really luckier than others, or is it all in their heads. We don't know it. But with As Luck Would Have It is Chris on the luckier side of the deal. Taken from the popular proverb Have Your Cake And Eat It is a delightful tune with a vocoderized voice. Jeff Robinson's part as singer is really underexposed.

Liquid Soul is a selfmade song featuring Chris on guitars, keyboards and programming. Imagine a dark bass, vibrant keyboards, smooth strings and Chris superior guitar sound melted in an awesome melody line. Ooh Bop is driving in the Chill-out area with Dave Karasony's hip hi-hat and rim-shot escort.

C.S. In The Sunshine has that typical EWF hype. Smooth guitar sound with some humming around and Rodney Lee's constant organ presence.  That's What I Thought You Said has a nice Bossa Nova groove in the style of Carlos Jobim.

Qu'est-ce Que Tu Fais (What Do You Make?) is featuring Jeff Lorber on Fender Rhodes. This classic instrument is always mesmerizing and a great counterpart to Chris' dynamic guitar sound. The album is closed by the grandiosely introduced Reflection. After the intro Chris carved his romantic impact.

“In England, everything is about being the best player you can be, but the most important thing I’ve learned playing for audiences in the U.S. is that it’s all about how you communicate. Working so much in my home studio this time gave me the luxury of taking my time to create what I believe is my best, most mature work to date. And I promised my friend to write longer emails in the future. We’ll see…”

Chris has kept his promise.
Love and Paragraphs is an album full of sultry melodies and grooving sounds which stay in mind after the first turn.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Love And Paragraphs
    Artist: Chris Standring
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:45:18
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Ultimate Vibe Recording

    01 Qwertyuiop [4:16]
    02 Love & Paragraphs [3:52]
    03 As Luck Would Have It [3:58]
    04 Have Your Cake And Eat It [4:04]
    05 Liquid Soul [6:08]
    06 Ooh Bop [5:36]
    07 C.S. In The Sunshine [4:11]
    08 That's What I Thought You Said [4:21]
    09 Qu'est-ce Que Tu Fais [4:37]
    10 Reflection [4:16]