If you like Christmas music but are looking for something other than traditional holiday songs, Chris Standring and Kathrin Shorr may have what you need. Send Me Some Snow (Ultimate Vibe, 2011) presents 10 delightfully original songs – music written by the pair, lyrics by Shorr.

Standring handles guitars, keyboard, arranging and programming on all tracks. Shorr sings lead and, depending on the song, provides some combination of sleigh bells, glockenspiel, finger snaps, hand claps and ukulele. A variable assortment of musicians provide accompaniment, including drummer David Karasony and pianist. Violinists Nikki Garcia and Jenny Takamatsu, viola player Tom Tally, and cellist Cameron Stone appear on six tracks.

“I’ve Got a Thing for Jack” is a playful piece wherein Shorr yearns for the nippy visits of Jack Frost. The strings add a touch of classical elegance to an otherwise happy-go-lucky song. Overdubs allow Shorr to harmonize.

Accompanied only by bassist Dan Lutz, the pair bring us “Naughty or Nice.” Shorr adds as sassy, nasal twang. This catchy tune asks, “Naughty or nice, are you gonna be sugar or spice? Boom-boom!”

Scheming youngsters are the theme of “Mistletoe Moon.” Each line begins with, “Some boys like,” or “some girls like,” and names various youthful delights. But they all love an opportunity to kiss.

Standring met Shorr at a party and was so impressed by her singing, he grabbed his guitar and joined her. Their ensuing friendship ultimately led to the development of Send Me Some Snow, all new music done in style that was popular in the 1940s and ’50s.