Chicago based trumpet player Lin Rountree returns to the charts with his sixth album Stronger Still (2018) on Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records. Against many obstacles and challenges Lin has the power to spread his musical wings.

The list of musicians participating in his project is impressively extensive. Lin himself performs on his new album trumpet and on selected tracks keys, pads and programming. Lin has written all tracks, in part with other artists. Michael Broening has written one song and two together with Lin.

In the center of Lin's music is the groove. He addresses this on all albums or I better say he celebrates the groove. The starting tune Pass the Groove is a fine prototype to set the audience into move. Even the romance is not left short. On My Time with You Darryl Dixon serves the right flavor with his acoustic guitar. Peter White couldn't do it better.

Atmosphere is no stranger to Lin. On This Time Around he lives this positive attitude with all facets of his trumpet. Take It Back features Adam Hawley creating a flawless call and response performance with Lin. Nothing is for eternity, but when Lin supplies his soul with musical power, then Stronger Still might have these unique, irretrievable moments of eternity.

Something More starts with an overwhelming orchestral intro then floods to Lin's trumpet before Jessica Jolia rejoices with her lovely voice. Out the Box catches listener's attention with a groovy shuffle beat and rising star Skinny Hightower shines on piano. In My Soul invites to an intense conversation between Lin's trumpet and Marcus Anderson's sax.

The Way You Move is the track with the most captivating potential of the album. Lin's crystal clear stellar trumpet tones merge seamlessly with Matt Godina's guitar groove to an irresistible tune getting stuck in your head as a solid harmony component. It Gets Better leaves the audience back in hopeful mood.

Lin Rountree has the certain feeling for refinement and the love for the sonic groove. Stronger Still mirrors his creative flair and the ability to find the touching notes.






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Album information

Title: Stronger Still
Artist: Lin Rountree
Year: 2018
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records

1 Pass the Groove 4:14
2 My Time with You 4:18
3 This Time Around 4:52
4 Take It Back (feat. Adam Hawley) 3:59
5 Stronger Still 4:26
6 Something More (feat. Jessica Jolia) 4:49
7 Out the Box (feat. Skinny Hightower) 4:12
8 In My Soul (feat. Marcus Anderson) 4:55
9 The Way You Move 4:33
10 It Gets Better 4:29

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Kenny “Mac” Martin: BassTrack 8

Lin Rountree: Keys/Pads/Programming Tracks 5, 8, 9

Dana Davis: Keys/Programming Tracks 2, 3, 7

Mel Brown: Bass Track 1

Freddie Fox: Guitar Track 1

Michael Broening: Keys/Piano/Synth Tracks 1, 2, 3

Darryl Dixon: Guitar Tracks 2, 3

Thano Sahnas: Acoustic Guitar Track 2

Alvin Spratley: Bass Tracks 4, 5, 9

Adam Hawley: Guitar/Keys Track 4

Eric Valentine: Drums Track 4

Ramon Yslas: Percussion Track 4

LaDell Abrams: Drums/Percussion Track 5

Ernest Tolbert: Keys/Pads Track 5

Michael “Big Mike” Hart Jr.: Guitar Track 5, 6, 8

Jessica Jolia: Vocals Track 6

Gregory “Buddy Bangs” Reed Jr.: Keys/Rhodes Track 6

CJ Peters: Synth Bass Track 6

Joe Archie: String Arrangement Track 6

Skinny Hightower: Piano Track 7

Ron Otis: Drums Track 8

Frank Simmons: Keys/Pads Track 8

Marcus Anderson: Saxophone Track 8

Matt Godina: Guitar Track 9

David P Stevens: Guitar/Bass Track 10