Lin Rountree knows his instrument since a long time. He started to play trumpet in an early age of 11 years. His first experience in a group was in the world famous marching band "The Marching 100" at Florida A&M University. Now he lives in Detroit, the city of Dave McMurray and Tim Bowman. Lin performed meanwhile with artists like KEM, Dwele, Peter White, Tim Bowman, George Benson, Conya Doss Deitrick and a lot more.

His debut album Groovetree received high acclaims and stayed in the smooth jazz charts for 15 weeks. His sophomore album Sumthin' Good is scheduled to be released July 22, 2008. Lin comments his new album: "Sumthin' Good was a great project to record because we didn't stay too far from made us successful on Groovetree. Great grooves with great melodies played by great musicians. On Sumthin' Good you will hear a progression, almost a maturation of sorts, in our sound and concepts. You will feel a little more punch on the mid-tempo songs and more soul on the easy grooves". Most of the songs with the exception of two pieces are composed or co-written by Lin Rountree which will lighten those who avoid cover versions. Lin was joined by Dana Davis (programming, keyboards, synthesizers) and producer Billy Meadows, the winning team of his previous album.

The album starts with the title song featuring Lin's professional chops on muted trumpet. A fashionable smooth jazz song with a terrific groove. Lin performs the flugelhorn in the style of a trumpet. So perfectly done on the sultry Let It Ride with waving strings and sweet synth and guitar sounds.

Chillin' On is featuring Perry Hughes, a guitar legend who has already performed with Earl Klugh, Alexander Zonjic, Gene Dunlap, Brian Simpson, Bob James and more. Perry handles his guitar like George Benson, playing mostly chords. There is a strong interaction between Lin and Perry. Mighty piano strokes introduce into the Groovalicious, Lin's magic fascination of trumpet and flugelhorn.

She's Just A Woman is a contribution of reggae guitarist Carl Robinson who is a member of Finley Quaye's band. The songs reminds me a little of Ace of Bass' All That The Wants. The stomping Seldom Sunday features Bamm Davis. Bamm is a high-talented young keyboardist. You should sample his solo album Short Stories (2003) on CDBaby, indicated as jazzy, R&B, and even a gospel kind of flavor. Lin has outdone himself with a terrific overdub trumpet solo.

On All The Way Lin's smooth flugelhorn caresses listeners' ears. On Groovetree Lin surprised the audience with Akire, "infectious urban flavored jazz". On Sumthin' Good Lin returns with Akire II, a shuffling jazz supreme. Lin has always his Feet On The Ground. An uplifting song performed with great prowess.

More of Urban approach is to hear on There He Goes. Mezzoforte's Garden Party shines through with five notes which makes the tune even more stronger. Kiss On Ya Soul is featuring Amp Fiddler. He is the personified mixture of Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway with a pinch of P Funk. This is great Motown stuff.

You will Always combines Lin with T. Herd on piano to a melodious ballade. On the final Get Away Lin introduce singer Valencia to the audience. Valencia Waller explains: "I want to have my own style with Beyoncé's business savvy attitude, India Arie's subject matter and how she doesn't let the industry change her, and legends like Donny Hathaway for their level of musicianship."

Live can be stressful, but it helps you grow. Lin's new album offers so much professional music for listener's delight and pleasure that it's really a trumpeter's heaven. Don't miss it.



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    Title: Sumthin' Good
    Artist: Lin Rountree
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:54:32
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Independent

    01 Sumthin' Good [4:06]
    02 Let It Ride [3:44]
    03 Chillin' On Featuring Perry Hughes [3:59]
    04 Groovalicious [4:24]
    05 She's Just A Woman [4:17]
    06 Seldom Sunday Featuring Bamm Davis [3:59]
    07 All The Way [4:24]
    08 Akire II [4:04]
    09 Feet On The Ground [3:55]
    10 There He Goes [4:00]
    11 Kiss On Ya Soul Featuring Amp Fiddler [3:32]
    12 You Will Always [5:28]
    13 Get Away Introducing Valencia [4:39]