Chicago based trumpet player Lin Rountree started his solo career in 2006 with the album Groovetree, followed by Sumthiní Good (2008), Soul-Tree (2011) and Serendipitous (2013). Soulfunky (2015) is his fifth album and the second for CutMore Records. His new project is supported by many label mates and fellow musicians.

Lin is the master of groove. How he handles his trumpet on Wish It Was is more than funky. He doubles his instrument with clever overdubs and creates the accurate harmony. With Julian Vaughn on bass and Nicholas Cole on keys he improves the song and pitch the ball in the centre of the strike zone.

Pushin' On written by Nate Harasim presents guitarist Nils in a powerful solo, however Lin is really perfect in drawing the notes like a trombonist. On Just Know It bass and trumpet melt to an irresistible vibe. Detroit fellow citizen Demetrius "Krayon" Nabors aptly creates magic on ivory and ebony.

Soulfunky walks along with a joyful stomp and a special brew of mixed trumpets and Kim Scott on flute. When you are waiting for the pairing of sax and trumpet, then the wait is over with Amplified. Lebron and Lin have already presented their skills during the Suite Jazz Series and other shows will certainly follow.

Mouse In The House brings back a heavy dose of funk with the ultimate horn arrangement. Greg Adams would be jealous. Givin' You Love features multi≠talented singer Beth Griffith, the daughter of Motown 'Funk Brother's' keyboardist Johnny Grifffith. The melting of her smooth vocals with Lin's muted trumpet is a highlight.

No Worries is an ultra funky piece which one can compare with the best songs of Maze. A popular style element is to build the harmonies with the first melody in the overdub like on That's What I Said.  Bass player Kenny "Mac' Martin has already performed with Lin on his album Serendipitous. He writes Take A Chance and gives also the track a fine tune with his bass.

Next power bomb by Mr. Soulfunky is Let's Roll. With such a volley it's easy for Nate Harasim to hit the keys with verve. Finally Lin presents the live version of Everyday featuring Hidden Beach records star Mike Phillips. The tune is long enough for both musicians to expand their flash lightening solos.

Who first heard the trumpeter Lin Rountree, takes on a new way of seeing things what trumpet playing is concerned. With Soulfunky Lin Rountree redefines the term groove.






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Album information

Title: Soulfunky
Artist: Lin Rountree
Year: 2015
Genre: General Jazz
Label: CutMore Records

1 Wish It Was 4:14
2 Pushin' On 4:31
3 Just Know It 5:07
4 Soulfunky 4:32
5 Amplified 4:34
6 Mouse in the house 4:23
7 Givin' You Love 4:01
8 No Worries 4:50
9 That's What I Said 4:53
10 Take A Chance 4:40
11 Let's Roll 3:22
12 Bonus Track: Everyday "Live" 7:10

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