One of the leading soul singers of her time Maysa has grown to the queen of hearts. Known as top vocalist of the British Jazz-Funk band Incognito she regularly release her own solo projects. Maysa (1995), All My Life (2000), Out Of The Blue (2002), Smooth Sailing (2004), Sweet Classic Soul (2006), Feel The Fire (2007), Metamorphosis (2008), A Woman in Love (2010), Motions Of Love (2011), Blue Velvet Soul (2013) and A Very Maysa Christmas (2014) are her previous albums. Back 2 Love is her newest project.

Maysa comments꞉ “The music represents who I am as a woman and a human being who lives to love people. As a professional singer I should be able to sing anything and my records are just me trying to love everyone. And that’s why I am proud to be able to go from Jazz to R&B to Pop, etc.”

The album already reveals with the first track the new direction. Back 2 Love is wrapped as a dance tune to appeal younger audience. Fortunately Maysa still presents her unaltered natural voice as we love it. Keep It Movin' grooves in R&B style featuring Stokley, lead singer of the group Mint Condition. In the smooth jazz genre, we meet him on recordings by Brian Culbertson, U-Nam or Boney James.

On Heavenly Voices Maysa returns to the soulful and emotional style that has shaped her first CDs. This gospel oriented phrasing still reflects her personality and voice best. Miracle with its stamping beat is a further offer for the dance floor. Smilin' has the lightness of filigree tulle whereby the beat makes ground again.

Go Away Little Boy is inspired by Marlena Shaw’s cover of the same name. With her own experience Maysa brings much authenticity in her version. Tear It Up Tear It Down shows a powerful appearance with a strong brass support. Given the events in Baltimore Maysa was concerned to publish this song. The admiration of a man turns out to be an earwig. Unforgettable!

On Last Chance For Love Maysa duets with Phil Perry, Mr. Falsetto. Two extraordinary voices in perfect harmony. The Radio Played Our Song sounds like an inspiration by Annie Lennox. Maysa focuses on love in many songs so too on Beautiful Symphony. Final song is a remix of the title song.

Style change out of conviction or for other reasons can be left open. It is risk and an opportunity. Her fans will hopefully vote for Maysa's vocal qualities and accompany her steps positively. Back 2 Love is worth it.





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Album Information

Title: Back 2 Love
Artist: Maysa
Year: 2015
Length: 0:50:09
Genre: Soul
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


1 Back 2 Love 4:28
2 Keep It Movin' (feat. Stokley of Mint Condition) 4:18
3 Heavenly Voices 4:41
4 Miracle 4:15
5 Smilin' 3:41
6 Go Away Little Boy 3:54
7 Tear It Up Tear It Down 4:18
8 Unforgettable 3:53
9 Last Chance For Love (feat. Phil Perry) 4:39 
10 The Radio Played Our Song 3:39 
11 Beautiful Symphony 3:47
12 Back 2 Love (Remix) 4:30

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