Keyboardist Chris Geith has made a name for himself in the smooth jazz world with albums like Timeless World (2007),  Island Of A Thousand Dreams (2010), Chasing Rainbows (2014) and Well Tempered Love (2016). His newest album Invisible Reality (2021) will be released this month on all digital platforms.

The new album is completely written, performed and produced by Chris. Guest musician on one song is saxophonist Vincent Ingala. Opener of the album is the title song. A high-energy piece driven by syncopated drums forms the backbone of the catchy melody.

The title already hints at it. Whispers In The Night is the musical guideline for a nocturnal excursion. Alive is the hopefully desirable state after the long quarantine in pandemic times. A harmonic melody at peace with a simple structure. The contemplative piece Love Anchors the Soul features Vincent Ingala on saxophone, gently accompanying the piano line.

The funky-up On Way Or Another is a based on a drum rhythm which reminds me of the Milli Vanilli songs. With The Awakening one likes to associate the sunrise in a dreamlike landscape. Claremont Avenue is a short avenue in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Chris comments: "That's where the Manhattan School of Music is located. It is there where I got my master's degree in music many years ago."  In any case, the piece is extremely sparkling.

With the respectable downtempo Unspoken Words Chris addresses the followers of soft New Age music in the style of Richard Clayderman. Playa Del Sol has a nice Bossa Nova swing with a harmony-laden theme. What if offers a fresh combination of piano and sax in the lead. Save The Forest weaves together a sensitive melody with a serious environmental concern.

Dawn of the Heroes recalls the music period of the 80s with the ravishing Synth Pop in the style of OMD and Pet Shop Boys. This style of music is also associated with the following Now More Than Ever with the conclusion spiced with a sophisticated refinement of improvisation. Chris celebrates his eloquent and meaningful piano play on a A Brighter Day in crystalline beauty. The contemplative Another Spring Will Come gives the album a worthy ending.

Chris Geith's album Invisible Reality is for all lovers of beautiful melodies who want to enjoy a reflective evening coupled with listening pleasure.







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Album Information

Title: Invisible Reality
Artist: Chris Geith
Year: 2021
Length: 1:07:13
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Timeless World Productions


1) Invisible Reality (4:22)
2) Whispers in the Night (5:09)
3) Alive (4:15)
4) Love Anchors the Soul (4:14)
5) One Way or Another (4:11)
6) The Awakening (5:19)
7) Claremont Avenue (4:16)
8) Unspoken Words (4:43)
9) Playa Del Sol (4:18)
10) What if (4:46)
11) Save the Forest (5:00)
12) Dawn of the Heroes (4:18)
13) Now More Than Ever (3:53)
14) A Brighter Day (4:14)
15) Another Spring Will Come (4:11)

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