Keyboardist Chris Geith started his musical career with the album Forever Again in 1996. His sophomore album Prime Time followed in 2006 and was a major hit on Timeless World (2007), Island Of A Thousand Dreams (2010) and Chasing Rainbows (2014) were also chart toppers.

Now he is back with the album Well Tempered Love (2016). I mention all these albums to bring to mind how long Chris is already in the music business. The cat cannot stop chasing mice and a full-blooded musician releases music as long as he can still breathe.

Chris performs on his new album keyboards, acoustic piano and programming. Guest musician on selected tracks is saxophonist Vincent Ingala. Chris is not the typical smooth jazz pianist. In contrary he is an avid hiker between the worlds of smooth jazz and new age.

A passionate advocate of fine melodies he prefers the well tempered piano as his chosen instrument. In logical consequence his main song is entitled Well Tempered Love. For those who are unfamiliar with his music, his style is comparable with Brian Culbertson, Blue Knights, Jim Brickman, Mark Portmann or in parts Soul Ballet.

Layered on a synth line Chris creates his piano chords on Cool To The Touch with reverb and ambience. Saxophonist Vincent Ingala, who like Chris often tours with guitarist Peter White, contributes with intense emotional phrasings. It's Only Human builds a happy musical place with melodic piano attacks accompanied by a soothing saxophone.

Vision Of Truth lets the music come to you with subtle piano keystrokes. The low paced Sunshine Kisses expresses a more tender side with airy almost ambient sound. Angel Of Wisdom wanders between celestial and earthy moments almost the piano in the center of interest.

Remember When is a musical gem thriving on these quiet notes which open up spaces for dreams. Tropical Summer Breeze sways in a Bossa Nova rhythm with a first free floating piano melody, which then branches out into faster tonal sequences. Meet the Moon  revolves around the same focal point, a musical theme viewed from different corners.

The entire city vibrates to the rhythm of Space Walk. Chris Geith's mastery of the easy playing and friendly hip leisure is a constant factor of this album. The More You Know is structured like a vocal song, thoughtful and emotional. Storyteller leads to a solemn and fond farewell, a parting in festive atmosphere.

Pianist Chris Geith is a seeker of the Holy Grail, the ultimate melody, the cutting edge, the lost chord. Well Tempered Love is as close to the final target, as a prolific musician can be.






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Album Information

Title: Well Tempered Love
Artist: Chris Geith
Year: 2016
Length: 0:49:40
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Timeless World Productions

01 Well Tempered Love [3:54]
02 Cool To The Touch [4:35]
03 It's Only Human [4:15]
04 Vision Of Truth [4:18]
05 Sunshine Kisses [5:18]
06 Angel Of Wisdom [4:26]
07 Remember When [3:07]
08 Tropical Summer Breeze [4:02]
09 Meet The Moon [3:51]
10 Space Walk [4:18]
11 The More You Know [4:14]
12 Storyteller [3:18]

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