Struck by personal fate and affected by pandemic isolation, saxophonist Greg Chambers has maintained a positive attitude toward music and life. No Looking Back is his credo and also the title of his album, which will be released this year.

As with his previous productions, this time he has also placed emphasis on good quality and has secured this commitment with numerous professional musicians as listed in the credits.

He already expresses his joie de vivre with the opener
Let's Dance. That way Greg manages to get people of the ground. No Looking Back shines with outstanding sax harmonies and an eclectic melody.

Come On Over grabs your attention with sophisticated keyboard support and Greg's mesmerizing saxophone performance. Matt Godina delivers additional guitar riffs underlining the intended concept. It's Gonna Be Alright is Greg's confident positive response to the suffering he has had to share with many so far. Nils joins in the encouraging music with his guitar.

Like the mild sea air, Baja Breeze caresses the soul and body of the listener, who can not close himself to the romanticism of the song. The energetic Double Trouble travels on two tracks with saxophone and bass featured by Michael Fields Jr. who has already made his own appearance with his albums Love On The Buttom Vol. 1 and 2 and On The Move. Final tune of the album is Night Vibe displaying a firm sonic base.

No Looking Back epitomizes the talent of an artist who is for far too long in the second line of saxophonists. It's high time for Greg Chambers to step forward into the front row. This album could be the door opener.






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Album information

Title: No Looking Back
Artist: Greg Chambers
Year: 2021
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Independent

1) Let's Dance (4:03)
2) No Looking Back (4:05)
3) Come On Over (4:33)
4) It's Gonna Be Alright (3:28)
5) Baja Breeze (3:39)
6) Double Trouble Ft. Michael Fields Jr. (4:21)
7) Night Vibe (5:02)



1. Let’s Dance

Written by Adam Hawley (ASCAP), Carnell Harrell (BMI) and Greg Chambers (BMI)

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Guitar & Production: Adam Hawley
Keys: Carnell Harrell
Bass: Mel Brown
Percussion: Ramon Ysalas

2. No Looking Back

Written by Greg Chambers (BMI) and Judah Sealy

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Keys & Production: Judah Sealy
Guitar: Matthew Parris
Bass: Tyrone Coley
Drums: Levi Bennett

3. Come on Over

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Keys & Production: Lew Laing Jr.
Guitar Solo: Matt Godina

4. It’s Gonna Be Alright

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Keys & Production: Lew Laing Jr.
Lead Guitar: Nils
Bass: Alex Al
Drums: Eric Valentine
Percussion: Ramon Ysalas

5. Baja Breeze

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Muted Trumpet: Russell Zimmer
Keys, Synth Bass: Lew Laing Jr.

6. Double Trouble ft. Michael Fields Jr.

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Lead Bass: Michael Fields Jr.
Guitars, Keys and Programming: Matt Godina
Bass: Dwayne “Smitty” Smith
Drums: Eric Valentine

7. Night Vibe

Saxophone: Greg Chambers
Guitars, Keys & Production: Adam Hawley
Bass: Mel Brown
Drums: Eric Valentine

Tracks 1 & 7 Produced and Mixed by Adam Hawley. Track 2 Produced and Mixed by Judah Sealy. Tracks 3, 4 & 5 produced by Lew Laing Jr. Track 6 Produced by Matt Godina. Tracks 3 & 5 mixed by Paul Brown. Tracks 4 & 6 mixed by Greg Manning. Mastering by Steve Hall at Future Disc Mastering.

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