Shilts - Jigsaw Life


Sax player Paul Weimar is better known as Shilts and as a former member of the project Down To The Bone. This project was founded by Stuart Wade under the influence of the acid jazz movement (Chris Bangs, Gilles Peterson and Chris Brown). He founded Internal Bass Records together with Chris Morgans. During the first years DTTB and Stuart's label had a tremendous surprising success swapping over the ocean to U.S.' shores.

On the second album The Urban Grooves (1998) Shilts joined the project and was now part of the history of this formation. After numerous tours and seven albums of DTTB Shilts was the recognizable face of this formation. His debut album See What Happens (2000) was awarded with the Smooth Jazz Award. After his move to L.A. in 2004 he performed on many smooth jazz events with Rick Braun, Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown and Peter White. HeadBoppin was released on ARTizen in 2006. In 2008 Paul Weimar separated from DTTB mainly because of different tour schedules and interests.

Shilts found his new home on nuGroove Records which resulted in the release of Jigsaw Life (2008). Shilts is supported by Bill Steinway (Fender Rhodes, piano), Nate Phillips (bass), Randy Jacobs (guitar). Most of the songs were written by Shilts partly with Bill Steinway.

With the starting tune Piece By Piece Shilts reveals his departure from the typical DTTB-sound. More mellow, more melodious, Paul Weimar follows the path of smooth jazz.

Somehow a rush in judgment. Back On The Hudson brings the funk back and the acid jazz flavor. Randy Jacobs on guitar is the funk master. Be sure to get a copy of Randy's new solo instrumental CD From Me To You, with appearances from Mindy Abair, Andre Berry, Rick Braun, Euge Groove, Wendy Moten, Bob Sheppard and Wayman Tisdale, it is a stellar outing.

It's easy to fulfill Shilts' wish Smile For Me while listening to his tune. Near the end of the song you can hear Morgan Weimar's giggle. Broken Silence is a hot mixture of some Latin guitar flavor with funky beats and Shilts' remarkable sax. Randy performs acoustic guitar in the style of Peter White. What a surprise.

Too Close To The Edge is a testimonial for some more edges in smooth jazz. Better burn your finger in the fire than burn out your music. Listen Up offers a  nice smooth jazz melody in the typical overdubbing technique with Randy's gorgeous Motown guitar groove.

Outside The Box brings more edges to the album. Let's rock again. But Shilts fully understands and masters the sweets of smooth jazz. A Promise Is A Promise has so much temptations.

Ain't It Marvelous brings more fresh wind to the album. On Time Gentlemen Please Shilts shows more of sax man's craftsmanship.

Shilt's Jigsaw Life is a further milestone in Paul Weimar's personal development as sax player and a superb musical explanation for his own way.



  • Album Information

Title: Jigsaw Life
Artist: Shilts
Year: 2008
Length: 0:48:35
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: NuGroove Music


01 Piece By Piece [5:00]
02 Back On The Hudson [4:32]
03 Smile For Me [4:07]
04 Broken Silence [5:33]
05 Too Close To The Edge [4:37]
06 Listen Up [5:54]
07 Outside The Box [4:45]
08 A Promise Is A Promise [4:40]
09 Ain't It Marvelous [4:50]
10 Time Gentlemen Please [4:37]