Shilts - See What Happens


The last time Shilts and I met was on the first tour of America by a then virtually unknown 
British Group called Down To the Bone.  They were selling albums by the bucketload 
and everyone from the radio stations to the buying public thought that they were from 
upstate New York.  It was the sound that did it-raw, funky, and jazzy with a definite urban 
feel.  To confuse the issue further none of the on stage band was officially DTTB. 
They were two quiet young men called Stuart and Chris hanging out by the bar with some 

I had known them both for some years as purveyors of fine jazz/soul out of London which 
by chance was far more commercially received in Japan. Now here, I was in Orlando  
watching people that I knew take America and the Smooth Jazz scene by storm.  
I meant to stay for just one set.  
By 3 A.M.  I had even forgotten to phone my wife to say that I would be late home!!---

A word of advice not related to anything remotely to do with music-never do this, take it 
from me this is not a good move--- So what may me stay?  Apart from music which 
refused to? Let go from the opening bars it was the musicianship and sheer charisma of the
lead sax player-one young Shilts. The trading of funky vibes from one side of the club to 
the other refusing to let go even when he found himself behind the bar at one stage was one
of those rare musical occasions when one feels that it can’t get much better than this.  

So, here he is now with his debut solo set. Sounding very much like, Down to The Bone.
Not surprising really when the skeleton of the band is also playing on the album. Shilts, 
who hails from a musical family dominates 11 tracks with his very funky saxophone. He 
also wrote the tracks which in the main are infectious and downright quality smooth jazz.  
The track which Shilts dedicates to the London Underground –Mind The Gap –is probably 
the best of the bunch.  

Although , the added brass of ‘ Tequila Frenzy’ gives it a hard run for it’s money.The title
track ‘See What Happens ‘ is another track that starts at a pace and refuses to let go until 
it fades out. Will the funky revolution from England end? Though the last album from 
DTTB sounded a little jaded at the edges; on the evidence of this there is a lot of life in the 
concept yet.  

If you want to know why Shilts goes by this name and not his real identity of Paul Weimar,
 it is something to do with Lulu and the legendary England goalkeeper Peter Shilton ! 
Beyond that my lips are sealed.!