Cindy Bradley – Bloom

Cindy Bradley is one of the blessed women showered with presents like beauty and a great musical talent. The decision in young years to choose the trumpet now bears fruits. She toured with Pieces of a Dream and performed on events like the Catalina Island Jazztrax Festival, the River Raisin Jazz Festival or the Woodbridge Summer Festival.

She started her career with the self-produced debut album Just A Little Bit (2007). Although she is often compared with Chris Botti and Rick Braun, she claims to have an own style:" I haven't modeled myself after Rick or Chris, though I think they're great."

Her new album Bloom (2009) was released by the label Trippin ‘n’ Rhythm. Respect for Les Cutmore  and  Jeff Lunt to support a rather unknown talent. All tracks were written, performed, mixed, produced and engineered by Grammy award winning producer Michael Broening.

Cindy comments: “Michael just did such an incredible job with this project. He is not only super talented and good at what he does, but he is one of the coolest, most down-to-earth, humble guys I have met in this business – and that is really key to getting the best out of any artist. He also chose a really great group of musicians to play on the recording”.

These musicians are Tim Bowman (guitar), Freddie Fox (rhythm guitar), Mel Brown (bass), Thano Sahnas (guitar) and many more. On the starter Bloom Cindy Bradley exposes her skills on flugelhorn. A very melodious song with an attractive arrangement and a high potential to appeal equally audience and critics.

With her own nonchalance Cindy introduces into the easy going Swing Set. Michael Broening picks up the them on keys before Cindy climbs to the Olympus with her great horn composition. Curves Ahead has nothing in common with Rips' same-titled song, but it's fantastic, how Cindy creates such a horn arrangement the overdub way. Tom Scott and Greg Adams would get a derived pleasure from that.

As strong as Cindy's performance and the finesse of her arrangement is Michael Broening's brilliant compositional style as to hear on Sycamore Soul. Thano Sahnas adds colorful guitar licks. Thano is known by his formation Turning Point (Matador).

The urban song Uptown Drive features great sax player Marion Meadows. Cindy underlines, she can match with the bests. Tight, these cats! The stimulating Brooklyn Bounce accelerates the vibes with Jaared on sax and Cindy on trumpet to a shuffling groove.

Poised by that funky stuff Take Me There cools down the mood to a dreamy melody. This time onstage NuGroove star Dominic Amato, who recently received high accolades with his album Fresh From The Grooves (2009).

Describe romance in notes and you Catch The Wind. Emotional, touching and heartfelt. On Solid Ground features great guitarist Jay Soto, who enjoys his fans with his new album Mesmerized. The album is closed with the insightful Before I Go, which is open for dreams and thoughts.

Cindy Bradley's album Bloom is a fresh breeze from New York city. A great talent, blessed with the knowledge about sensitivity, effect and everything what is necessary to become a star.


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  • Album Information

    Title: Bloom
    Artist: Cindy Bradley
    Year: 2009
    Length: 0:45:25
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Trippin' N Rhythm Records


    01 Bloom [4:45]
    02 Swing Set [4:01]
    03 Curves Ahead [4:47]
    04 Sycamore Soul [4:42]
    05 Uptown Drive [4:37]
    06 Brooklyn Bounce [4:33]
    07 Take Me There [4:11]
    08 Catch The Wind [4:41]
    09 On Solid Ground [4:13]
    10 Before I Go [4:54]