Nestor Torres traveled to New York in September 2001 to mediate and perform in various houses of worship near Ground Zero. "It was my intention to be conduit for whatever energy was present in the city at that time, and channel it into music that could transform grief to acceptance, anger to courage and despair to hope", he recalls. "From those improvisational performances emerged the songs included in this album." Dances, Prayers & Mediations is Nestor Torres' appeal to humanity.

Reading this official comment and the title the impression takes shape in one's mind, this is a serious album with indigestible music. I believe I've never failed so much in an album. This album is groovy in it's purest essence

The influence of Middle East is getting stronger in worldwide music. The rhythmic Human Revolution is an extremely well-arranged adaptation of Middle Eastern culture. "It's a song about the change that has to happen from within," comments Torres. Nestor Torres' flaming flute and a strong blend of highly danceable, infectious backbeat creates a real dancefloor hit.

Let There Be Light is a melting pot of styles. "You hear classical elements in this song," says Torres. "Then you hear pop, then reggaeton, then Latin. You 're listening to four completely different styles blended into a single cohesive piece of music. It's diverse, but it's accessible at the same time."

Lotus Sutra Of The Wonderful Law is a cross-cultural piece that was composed for a performance that Torres gave in conjunction with a lecture in Florida by the Dalai Lama. This spiritual song starts with a Buddhist chant opening a wide spreading soundscape of Middle Eastern and Western flavors. Friends of Yulara's music will be exited.

Peace Within Myself is a crossover of hip-hop backbeat and Carlo Pennisi's Latin guitar music. No, it's not Peter White. Italian producer Carlo Pennisi from Miami took great part of this album. He has also produced and performed on Nestor Torres' Heads Up Records debut album "Sin Palabras". Torres explains the intellectual superstructure: "There is a certain aggressiveness in achieving peace. It's about confronting your own sense of self and making peace with that."

David's Grace is a slow melodious tune beautiful like pure nature. "The love of a friend expressed in music".

Creole Dream is featuring Ed Galle on alto sax. This tune is dedicated to the brothers and sisters in Cajun country. Top notch like the whole album.

As shown up with A Widow's Lamentation (Lamentoso) Nestor Torres isn't hesitating to set antipoles on his album. This contemplative tune expressing deep longing and eternal sorrow leaves thoughtfulness. 

Nestor Torres' distinctiv scent for zest finds its expression in Dance Because You can. He combines a lightly melody with a solid groove. Torres conclusion: "It may seem contradictory. We grieve, and we face whatever hardships we must face, and then we go dance, because we have the capacity to move on, and it's important that we can do that. I can grieve when I have to, but that shouldn't hold me back from lifing my life!"

Medicine Man is a blend of Native American flute and drumming with Middle Eastern sufi kind of mood. Very hooky melody.

House Call is the right party sound. "Live like there is no tomorrow and set your body free."

St. Peter's Prayer is another religious antipole of this album. Choir, flute and strings with some harp melted in a summit of moody emotion.

Till Forever is dedicated to those we have lost, a prayer and a promise that we will go on living and dancing in their name and memory. The nucleus of Latin music stands for.

Rhumboso is Mozart meets Puerto Rican Plena. Classic meets Latin. A great finale.

"This recording is the strongest and most honest record I have ever made," says Torres. "My entire recording career has led me to this moment. Everything I am as an artist and human being is expressed through the music in this work." I believe in these words and Nestor Torres' music. This album is absolutely compelling. This surpassing album is the highlight of the year 2006.





  • Title: Dances, Prayers, & Meditations For Peace
    Artist: Nestor Torres
    Year: 2006
    Length: 1:04:27
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Heads Up International

    01 Human Revolution [4:45]
    02 Let There Be Light [4:52]
    03 Lotus Sutra Of The Wonderful Law [9:55]
    04 Peace Within Myself [4:12]
    05 David's Grace [4:15]
    06 Creole Dream [3:57]
    07 A Widow's Lamentation (Lamentoso) [3:48]
    08 Dance Because You Can [4:25]
    09 Medicine Man [4:32]
    10 House Call [4:29]
    11 St. Peter's Prayer [5:21]
    12 Till Forever [5:03]
    13 Rhumboso [4:55]