Nestor Torres - Sin Palabras ( Without Words)


Nestor Torres is a well-know jazz flutist. Although the flute isn't the most popular instrument in smooth jazz compared to saxophone  and guitar there are some artists which have received much acclaims. Names like Alexander Zonjic, Paul Rozmus, Peggy Morris, Hubert Laws, Tim Weisberg or Annie Hilsberg (Yulara) are coming in mind mentioning this instrument. But certainly there is no way to forget Nestor Torres. In 2001 he won a Latin Grammy for his album "This Side Of Paradise". What else is a better prove for musical and economic success? 

His new album Sin Palabras (Without Word) is Torres' Heads Up debut and will be released in March 2004. More Pop influence than in his latest albums "This Side Of Paradise" (2001) or "Mi Alma Latina - My Latin Soul" (2002) will gain a greater audience. Nevertheless Nestor hasn't lost his Latin charm.

The most important song on an album is the first song. This song decides if a listener listens the whole CD and is captivated by the album. Nestor has recognizes this principle and proceeds to action. The title song is absolutely hooking. Sin Palabras is a firework of flute. An easily remembered melody enriched with a lot of flute choirs and keyboards programming. James Lloyd, one of the genius of "Pieces Of A Dream",  took a great part of this album and especially this song. The percussion flavor was played in by Richard Bravo. A real radio hit.

Labios Dulzes (Sweet Lips) is the second incendiary bomb. A mixture of Salsa, Urban music, Latin and other flammable stuff, burning hot. Put this song on a turntable in a disco and people will rush to the dance floor. "Baby Boy" is the singer on this track. To clarify it: It's nevertheless an instrumental track.

Regálame La Silla Donde Te Espere was originally written and performed by the Latin singer and guitar player Alejandro Sanz, a WEA top seller. 

Pura Brisa is a slow ballade with a strong melody, a romantic love song. Something for quiet moments.

Maybe Tonight is more up tempo. Carlo Pennisi had a hand on this song. Carlo Pennisi is a prolific writer, producer, composer and flamenco guitar player. Nestor comments: "Carlo has a fresh sound and a European sensitivity that appeals to me a great deal".

Contigo Aprendi is a flash-back into earlier Nestor Torres' times. Sweet violins are accompanying a devotedly performed flute. The theme is a Latin classic.

Gypsy Dance has the same structure as Labios Dulzes. The influence of Urban Contemporary is immense. Nestor Torres is such a brilliant flutist that he masters easily the difficulties of this musical translation.

Lluvias De Cristal is like a glowing rock-crystal. A wonderful melody, a melting of beauty and simplicity. James Lloyd on piano and Nestor Torres on flute are an exquisite duo.

Stop Staring has a fresh hip-hop attitude. Nestor has open a new door by the cooperation with James Lloyd. I hope to hear more of both. This music sounds very contemporary and elegant.

Piper Dance, a further co-production with Carlo Pennisi, seconds my positive impression: This is a new Nestor Torres.

No Worries shows anew a modern interpretation, the best side of Nestor we ever experienced.

Friends of flute will love this album. But even those who have no connection to this instrument will be captivated by this sparkling music.