Should the guitarist Craig Sharmat be unknown to the reader, he was the composer of  trailers for movies like King Kong, Ghost Rider, Eragon, Anchorman, wrote songs for the TV series like CSI Miami, Without A Trace and many more. He also arranged songs for Rick Braun, Peter White, and Mindy Abair.

He gave his debut with the album So Cal Drivin, which was released in 2009. His sophomore album Outside In followed in 2010. With his new album Bleu Horizons Craig ensures continuity. On his new project he is supported by a variety of professional musicians. I discover in the liner notes Craig Manning (keyboards), Rayford Griffin (drums), Hussain Jiffry (bass), Peter White (accordion), Rick Braun (trumpet, flugelhorn), Luis Conte (percussion) and several more.

With sound collages like First Stop NYC and Manhattan Morning Craig lures listeners into the magic of his new work. On A Day In Paris he captures with intense sounds the appeal of the French capital. The bring into play of Peter White on accordion is simply ingenious. In his guitar playing, he emphasizes the picturesque interpretation and not technical sophistication. This French life sense of savoir vivre also transmits Craig Sharmat on his next song La Seine Strut. Rick Braun on trumpet and Benedict Breyden on the violin are exponents of this way of life.

With great soul comes My Gypsy Heart. With Mojo Mumbai Craig makes the big leap to India. He develops a new dimension on the sitar guitar, which he pulls powerfully in the field of jazz. Surfing The Caspian Sea pushes further into the Orient, although Craig retains the western style of play. A furious masterpiece. Sol E Oceano leads us to calmer waters. Relaxation is called for. With Agua Do Brasil Craig accepts Latin American motives and integrates them into his very own western hemisphere. Based on a reggae rhythm Ja'wai unfolds. The album ends with Open Plains, the American component of this spectacular world tour.

With Bleu Horizons Sharmat remains true to himself and creates his own perfect world.







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Album Information

Title: Bleu Horizons
Artist: Craig Sharmat
Year: 2013
Length: 0:45:50
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: CDBaby


01 First Stop: New York City [0:13]
02 Manhattan Morning [4:03]
03 Next Stop: Paris [0:23]
04 A Day In Paris [3:57]
05 La Seine Strut [4:10]
06 My Gypsy Heart [5:00]
07 Next Stop: Mumbai [0:12]
08 Mumbai Mojo [4:28]
09 Surfing The Caspian Sea [4:52]
10 Next Stop: Rio [0:14]
11 Sol E Oceano [4:46]
12 Agua Do Brasil [4:17]
13 Ja'waii [4:16]
14 Last Stop: America [0:18]
15 Open Plains [4:40]

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