Shakatak - Blue Savannah


The sound of Shakatak is unmistakable and unique. Since more than 23 years their music is electrifying generations of listeners. The group is a legend and institution. A trademark for professional music quality they never lost the interest of audience. Their new album "Blue Savannah" is a typical Shaks' album but also contemporary.

The album starts with Summer Of Love. This song is seamlessly following their great songs of the past like  "Down On The Street" or "Mr. Manic & Sister Cool". The song is positive and uplifting ("Coming out of dark days into light"). Jill Saward's voice is unchanged charming and the beat goes on.

Bill Sharpe wrote the celestial Blue Savannah. Bill has a passion for Brazilian music. We already could admire his project "Espirito". The title song has a nice propulsive Bossa Nova rhythm which reminds me of the carnival of Salvador de Bahia and the keyboards chords are phenomenal. Especially remarkable is Phil Todd's performance on flute and Bill's keyboards running.

Tortola is a beautiful Caribbean Island. Tortola Sunset is the right tune to set you in the relaxing Island mood. 

Jill Saward sings about the love to an unknown lover, a Shadow. Fridrik Karlsson, member of Mezzoforte, adds some awesome guitar chords.

The sparkling diamond Jill Saward performs Walking On Starlight, a love song with a tense dance floor disco atmosphere. 

Blue Horizon is featuring the saxophonist Phil Todd on soprano sax. The tune is accessible and showcases the smooth jazz tradition of the group. The arrangement especially of the percussion part is impressing.

Come To Me has the summery vibe which James Lewis has already perfectly described in his review. It's surprising that the Shaks can copy their style so often without boring their audience.

Someone I Could Love is a mellow ballade performed by the golden Jill Saward. The song was written by Roger Odell, Shakatak's drummer and organization genius.

Music In The Air is a shuffling tune somehow in the nu jazz scene but call back by Jill's refrains to smooth jazz. A conceptual start into contemporary music. 

Jill Saward is well-known for her duets with mal singers. Many of you will remember her duet with Al Jarreau ("Day By Day"). Her partner on Fool In Love is Leee John, better known as the lead singer and frontman of the group "Imagination".

More Latin in the mix on Sunset Street. George Anderson's bass is speaking Brazilian. Bill's masterly work on keyboards is a special phenomenon you better listen to.

Guitar player Fridrik Karlsson shows on Seattle Express, that he would be a good additional member of the Shaks. Together with Bill Sharpe, George Anderson and Roger Odell the sound kicks to a Latin explosion. Exceptional!

Fans of Shakatak already revel in their music. To the others: Experience the freshness of their sound!