If you are the proud owner of Sambada's first release Tropicale (1998), you know that the name of the group is a mixture of Samba and Lambada associating the Latin American music flavour of this formation. And indeed besides some Acid and Smooth Jazz elements you will find Bossa Nova rhythm background on several tracks. Those who loves the laid back Smooth Jazz and Latin Jazz in a fine mix la Espirito or Marc Antoine will be pleased just as well as friends of the soft Acid Jazz music presented by A-One, Soundscape UK or Down To The Bone

It took a lot of time to release the second album Flame. I can imagine the reason. Chris Bangs is a gifted and engaged musician and a very busy selfmade man too. So, he hastens from date to date and from project to project. Soundscape UK, Chris Bangs Project and Yada Yada are to name among others. And Chris is also a sought after producer, a survey about his engagements is to find at his website

" Sambada's second CD album - " Flame " is released soon on Baseline Records . It's a definite step away from the smooth jazz sound of Soundscape UK and mixes gritty beats with some fluid guitar playing from Nigel Price ( Quiet Boys / Yada Yada ) . Taking in a lot of latin influences and mixing them with a strong 1960's blue note / prestige kind of vibe , thin air productions return with another quality album to move and groove to ...", comments Chris his new release.

Comparing both albums one notices a strong developement back to Acid Jazz.  Wes Not Wes, a wordplay with the prename of the guitarist Wes Montgomery and the group name Was Not Was, is pure Acid Jazz with vibes, guitars and a fat preponderant drummachine. Christian Brewer adds some groovy Sax overdubbs.

Starting with some Bossa Nova rhythm and sound samples One Mo' Yeh is the first footstomping headshaking dance tune comparable to the Down To The Bone sound.

Latin influenced Acid Jazz with Brewer's blowing sax, Martin Pyne's magic vibraphone, Elliot Mortimer's Hammond B3 and Keys are El Nino.

More Drum and Bass are to hear on the fourth uptempo track D Fuzed. Hands are running over the scales of Keyboard  to vibes and saxes. Very dynamic and propulsing.

A small smooth break out are performing Rita Campbell and Streetlyfe 's vocals on In The Thick Of It. A very fashionable radiolike tune with seductive voices and Nigel Price's smooth guitar.

More the old Sambada style of the first album is to hear on Sambao. Backed by strings Nigel 's dreamy guitar drives to latin arcadia. 

On Los Caminos continues this furious mix of vibes, guitar and hot Latin dance rhytms.

Flame is the next burner in the line of dance grooves. Keeping you on the dancefloor. Really, you can put this album on the turntable and the people might not leave the dancefloor anymore.

But an album is living by contrasts and so Cruisin' On Ocean Drive is the next encore to the Smooth Jazz. Christian Brewer 's indulging Sax abducts our senses into the wideness of the ocean. This popular song was pre-released on the JazzFM-sampler Ocean Drive.

A good example how one can influence a track by rhythm is the next tune Music Box. Chris adds some strange rhythm samples to Niguel's guitar riffs. An impressing muted trumpet solo is followed by an extensive electric piano solo.

If you wanna get into the right vacation-mood, you should definetely listen to the final tune Sambasol. Samba and sun, dance and fun. 

So Chris Bangs masterly manages the turning round from Acid Jazz to Latin and Smooth Jazz. This album is for people that like to dance and swing.




The musicians:
  • Nigel Price - Guitars, Basses, Synthesisers and FX
    (Nigel plays Gibson Guitars exclusively)
  • Rita Campbell and Streetlyfe - Vocals on In the thick of it
  • Elliot Mortimer - Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Keys
  • Martin "Magic" Pyne - Vibraphone
  • Christian Brewer - Saxes
  • Chris Bangs - Drums, Percussion, Synths, Samplers

all titles written Chris Bangs / Nigel Wallace Price - BMG / Musicalities ltd except
d fuzed - written by C. Bangs / Elliot Mortimer /Nigel Wallace Price - BMG / Copyright Control / Musicalities ltd
in the thick of it - written by Brenda Russell - Rondor Music (london)ltd
cruisin on ocean drive - written by C.Bangs / Christian Brewer / Nigel Wallace Price 33.3%- BMG / Copyright Control / Musicalities ltd
music box - written by C. Bangs / Nigel Wallace Price - BMG / Paul Rodriguez Music

1st Release on Baseline records thru Timewarp Cat no. not available yet

Produced By Chris Bangs & Nigel Price for Thin Air Productions

Flame Image by Toby Walker