Chicago's best dressed jazz guitarist Nick Colionne released his first albums It's My Turn (1994), Arrival (1996) and The Seduction (1999) on the Lake Shore Jazz label followed by Just Come On In (2003), Keepin' It Cool (2006), and No Limits (2008). Feel The Heat (2011) and Influences (2014) are released on Trippin & Rhythm. Now he is back with The Journey (2016) on the same label.

Among the big names on this album are saxophonists Najee and Darren Rahn, keyboardist/producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis, keyboardists Nicholas Cole and  James Lloyd.

The album starts in full swing with the title song. Nick brings his Epiphone The Broadway in the forefront and raises a cool melody even with some improvisation on top. Buckle Up shines with a great horn section and outstanding sax and the rhythm is a funky addition. Nick gets from the horn players the tendency to tell a story like a vocalist and that makes his songs so full of tension.

Say What's On Your Mind is one of the songs, where Nick can play big chords, which he loves to play on his Elitist Broadway and the rest like strings, vocal sounds and rhythm are just stylish decoration. I must admit, I am a percussion addicted writer. Uncle Nick's groove taps deep feelings and has struck my musical nerve.

A Morning Call of the gentle way with top notch guitar riffs and supreme flute is the best method to start the day. On Just Another Slow Jam Nicks expands his view on the R&B side with nice vocal and piano inputs. On The Move has a strong Going Forward. Thanks God Joint Is Poppin' isn't interpret in an orthopedic sense. This tune brings a big dose of happiness and the title shouldn't be misunderstood.

East Evergreen Revisted remains modest and unremarkable, not intent on action, but more into much depth. The final tune is aptly titled Closer. So stop for the nightcap at one of the city's lively jazz club. And when that "one for the road" has been downed, you will still remember Nick's music.

The Journey is the latest landmark in Nick Colionne's career. With ten tracks in his music case he demands attention for one of the best smooth jazz guitarists of our generation.





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Album Information

Title: The Journey
Artist: Nick Colionne
Year: 2016
Length: 0:43:00
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Trippin' N Rhythm


1. The Journey
2. Buckle Up
3. Say What's On Your Mind
4. Uncle Nick
5. Morning Call
6. Just Another Slow Jam
7. On The Move
8. Joint Is Poppin'
9. East Evergreen Revisted
10. Closer

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