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This is the time of trouble. Record labels are dieing like birds infected by a virus. The young generation prefers to download the music. So the question arise, will we still have that kind of music some years later? Will we be able to share smooth and contemporary jazz? In consequence it's really hard for artists of instrumental music to find a contract nowadays. Nick Colionne is on the lucky side. His first albums "It's My Turn", "Arrival" and "The Seduction" were released at the "Lake Shore Jazz" label. That label folded. His next album "Just Come On In" was released on the "Three Keys Music" label. Most of you knows the problems of this record label too. Nick writes: "To my manager Carol Ray: here we go again, every time the world seemed to close in on me you found another door to open... I must be the luckiest cat in the business to have someone who believes in me the way you do..." Nick, there are some more believin' in you!

His new album "Keepin' It Cool" will be released on the Narada Jazz label. The first track Can You Feel It is showcasing foremost Nick Colionne's guitar style. He prefers to play in chords on his beloved Epiphone guitar. Some reverb and overdub effects are magnifying his performance.

Keepin' It Cool is Nick's life device and also expression. The relaxed tune is perfectly enriched by John Blasucci's keyboard sounds. John Blasucci, the son of a jazz pianist, is an early disciple of such masters as Bill Evans, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock. But John had a love for jazz-inflected pop music as well, and counts the music of Al Jarreau among the influential. Impressing is also Ricky Peterson's solo on Hammond B 3. His new album is awaited in some months. His Hammond organ can be heard on albums of musicians like Kirk Whalum, Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove, Steve Cole or David Sanborn but also on albums of Prince or the Steve Miller Band.

On Always Thinking Of You Nick expands his melody in variations. John Blasucci delivers a short piano solo.

If You Asked Me was produced and arranged by Steve Cole. And If you should recognize a certain similarity to Peter White's style, then this is no accident. Nick, Steve and Peter have written this tune together.

You Were There For Me is carried by a melancholic mood. Nick Colionne conjures with some guitar chords a magic atmosphere. This is the secret knowledge about the magic of music. Tone after tone spell bounds your mind.

Nick Colionne prefers the music style we usually know as smooth jazz. This Is The Song is such a mellow radio like melody, very accessible and dreamy atmosphere.

Nick Colionne is a guitar master. I know his multifarious creativity. Listening to John L I miss although some variation in his style.

From Me To You is more a lyrical approach to music. Nick gives his guitar an own voice.

The influence of Mike Logan is to hear in the introduction of A Moment With You. Mike plays piano and has co-written the tune with Nick. Insiders will know that Mike Logan is one of the creators of Unwrapped Volume IV.

Label mate Steve Cole has co-written the tune Liquid. Steve is playing keyboards, sax and flute on this tune. You may wonder how a sax player can write a song for a guitarist. But Steve doesn't only blow the sax. He is also an avid guitar player. "I had never played a guitar before," he says, "but I knew I needed one to write the kind of music I was hearing in my head."

Catch Me is a good example how Nick is playing guitar duets in a multilayered way.

Rainy Night In Georgia is featuring Nick's vocal potential. His smooth guttural expression reminds me at the singer Jon Lucien ("Endless Is Love").

The best and most infectious song on this album is High Flyin'. Head bopping and dancing is certainly the first reaction. And if the song sounds familiar to you: it was the first song on his previous album "Just Come On In". This version is more up-tempo and fits perfectly to the melody.

For lovers of smooth guitar music Nick Colionne's new album "Keepin' It Cool" is the first choice. Don't put the CD in your refrigerator!





  • Buy the album at 21th Februar 2006 in all stores

  • Title: Keepin' It Cool
    Artist: Nick Colionne
    Year: 2006
    Length: 0:54:33
    Genre: Smooth Jazz
    Label: Narada Jazz

    01 Can You Feel It [4:00]
    02 Keepin' It Cool [3:37]
    03 Always Thinkin' Of You [4:11]
    04 If You Ask Me [3:38]
    05 You Were There For Me [5:16]
    06 This Is The Song [3:59]
    07 John L [4:54]
    08 From Me To You [4:03]
    09 A Moment With You [4:02]
    10 Liquid [3:27]
    11 Catch Me [3:49]
    12 Rainy Night In Georgia [4:57]
    13 High Flyin' [4:41]