Detroit native Tim Bowman's first steps into popularity was his work as musical director and lead guitarist of the group The Winans. While Gospel was his first love, he found his home in the smooth jazz genre. Albums like Love, Joy, Peace (1996),
 Paradise (1998), Smile (2000), This Is What I Hear (2004) and Tim Bowman (2008) were milestones of his path to success.

The Tim Bowman Collection is a retrospective of Bowman's musical career added with three brand-new tracks. The album starts with Let It Shine, a result of Bowman's collaboration with hit maker Darren Rahn, who recently was Talk Of The Town. The introduction into Bowman's collection is naturally crowned by his excellent guitar performance.

Smile is taken from his same-titled album featuring legendary saxophonist Dave McMurray. Dave has already finished the recording of his new album and is currently touring with Bob James or Kid Rock. A mellow tune about the good relationship between human beings and God. 

Summer Groove from Bowman's album This Is What I Hear is a kicking melody and a good choice for today's return on our turntable. Great guitar licks in the style of George Benson are accompanied by Nelson Rangel on sax, while Tim Bowman jr. hums the song.

Former Kool And The Gang lead singer Gary Brown wrote together with Steve Harvey Light of Love. Debbie and Angie Winans, the youngest of the famous and talented legendary gospel family did a Grammy nominated rendition with Whitney Houston as background singer, before Tim Bowman took it on his album Paradise. Lead vocalist on his version is Carol Hall and, you guess it already, background vocalist Vickie Winans.

Sweetness has a new sound, Rapture featuring Najee. Tim produced this acoustic guitar piece for his self-titled album. All My Life is a brand-new creation of this guitar hero. When we speak about flow, then Soul Dream is the song of choice. One of my favorites. Acoustic Rain from This Is What I Hear featuring singer Dana Davis is a real acoustic gem.

Sunset from Tim's self-titled album rides the Spanish wave. Tim Bowman wrote a song My Prayer and a further My Praise, now follows My Prayer My Praise, the most beautiful song featuring Danielle Wasson. A voice with great character and timbre.

Tim Bowman's collection is a great opportunity to become acquainted with one of America's leading guitarists. The flawless guitar work of such an instrumental virtuoso is always a highlight, but together with the other musicians Bowman really shines.








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Album Information

Title: The Collection
Artist: Tim Bowman
Year: 2010
Length: 0:45:38
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Trippin' N Rhythm


01 Let It Shine [4:05]
02 Smile [4:11]
03 Summer Groove [4:39]
04 Light of Love [4:53]
05 Rapture [5:00]
06 All My Life [3:53]
07 Soul Dream [5:02]
08 Acoustic Rain [4:52]
09 Sunset [4:09]
10 My Prayer My Praise [4:53]

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