Marcus Anderson stands for variety, inventiveness and creativity. Be it smooth jazz, funk or gospel music, the combination of coffee and music or the connection of music with comic characters, he always delivers new surprises.

His new album Hero takes borrowings from the popular world of comic heroes as well as urban R&B. Due to the network he has built up in the meantime, Marcus can fall back on a large number of musical collages for the recording of his album. First to mention is keyboardist Nicholas Cole, with whom he has already worked on the albums "TLC" Tender Loving Christmas, Now, And Coffee, Limited Edition, and My Inspiration Vol.2. A further producer/programmer is keyboardist Derrick Adams, who also worked with Marcus on various projects. Furthermore involved are Doc Jr., Michael Fields and Demetrice Everett. Now to name the other musicians in detail would go beyond the scope of this review.

The album opens with the title song, that starts where New Edition or Johnny Gill left off. At this point Marcus Anderson steps in as one of the coolest saxmen with that extra punch that makes him so popular.

On Just a Taste Marcus delivers a sassy rollin' groove featuring Tim Bowman's immortal guitar chords. When sweetness has a face, then it's the one of Jazmin Ghent. She performs on Your Touch tenor sax, while Marcus shows his skills as multi-instrumentalist playing soprano, alto, tenor sax, flute, vocals and lead bass.

On The Right Track features pianist Bob Baldwin who Marcus already worked with on Bob's album Never Out Of Season. On A Brighter Smile Marcus is joined by label mate and bass player Julian Vaughn. A song of melodic bliss. Pure Love opens the next chapter of Marcus Anderson's career as vocalist. A climax of coordinated choral harmony with an appropriate layer of orchestral instruments.

Let's Groove drifts with a ecstatically lashing beat back into the realm of R&B and Funk. Your Cha' Cha' gives way to another head-bopper with some crazy Salsa enhanced piano and the emotional singer Solomon Headen with great vocal enjoyment. What is hidden behind 2.0? The new edition of the excellent collaboration between Marcus and guitarist Adam Hawley.

I assume that the name Du Witt refers to a cartoon character located in the SF area. On this track Marcus works with Doc Jr. aka DJ Hargrove, both already worked together on Marcus' album Limited Edition. Marcus plays sax and bass, while Doc Jr. sings with a talk box. The tune reminds me of Wayman Tisdale's style.

Krystle Clear allures with mood-setting romance and charisma. Marcus puts all his heart and soul into his saxophone performance. On M-Possible rhythm guitar delivers a continuous beat, the bass is added in temporary sections. This creates tension, on which Marcus builds up his soft melody and Nile Hargrove celebrates his synth solo. If loveliness has a melodic face, then it is that of Unity. Here, the sweetness of song and saxophone come together.

Marcus Anderson has created a new splendid business idea with Hero. The customer receives not only the usual CD but in addition a comic book, quasi the graphic equivalent of Marcus' music. Wrapped in one package the listener receives delicacies for the ear and the eye.






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Album Information

Title: Hero
Artist: Marcus Anderson
Year: 2020
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Anderson Music


1) Hero (3:39)
2) Just a Taste (4:00)
3) Your Touch (4:23)
4) On the Right Track (3:58)
5) A Brighter Smile (4:23)
6) Pure Love (4:08)
7) Let's Groove (4:10)
8) Your Cha' Cha'  (3:38)
9) 2.0 (4:35)
10) Du Witt (4:21)
11) Krystle Clear (5:00)
12) M-Possible (5:02)
13) Unity (4:10)

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