The smooth jazz scene experiences a Webster-mania. She appeared like out of nowhere and is now on top of the game. After her self-titled debut album (2013), followed You Change (2015) and Back To Your Heart (2016). Her new album Love Inside is just released on Shanachie Entertainment.

Singer Lindsey is accompanied by husband Keith Slattery (keyboards), Mike DeMicco (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Fred Doumbe (bass), Foluso Mimy ( percussion), Marcus Finnie, Bud Harner, Lance Comer, Dan Hickey (drums), Ken Gioffre (soprano saxophone), Rick Braun (trumpet) and Norman Brown (guitar).

The album starts with the title song, a ballad of remarkable length. What is meant here is the playing time but not the entertainment value. The guitar riff performed by Mike DeMicco reminds me of the music by Jaffa (Elevator). However the song's inner value lies in its lyrical qualities. Lindsey pleases her fans on Facebook with the lyrics that are not found in the liner notes on the CD.

Lindsey comments the second song A Love Before: "It is a song about the experiences we have in relationships. Sometimes, you have to see firsthand what you don't want in order to learn what is right." A compact song with an enormous groove that instantly makes room in our memory.

Bad Grammar (Me & You) is also about the love relationship, in which it can sometimes go wrong. Here the promise comes into play to try to change everything for the better. Free To Be Me is one of those songs in which the structure and the instrumentation distracts from the text. The song features guitarist Norman Brown. Even more, though, I like Keith Slattery on keyboards with an eye-catching sound that gives the song its flavor. Everything however fades against Lindsey's dynamic voice wrapped in a perfect arrangement.

Dream slows down the pace of the theme that deals with the reverie sequences in the relationship. The song is inspired by Dr. King’s infamous 1963 speech delivered at the Lincoln Memorial. Don't Give Up On Me is an almost pleading ode to love and relationship. Hope is trust in the possibility that all can be transformed to good. With One Last Time internalizes the bitter sweetness of the farewell.

Even If He Lied is a brief self-reflection about one's self-sacrifice when one enters into a relationship with the wrong person. Walk Away is the alternative decision of the same person in that situation. The overwhelming tristresse is tangible. It's Not You, It's Me is featuring trumpet legend Rick Braun. The song is about the old theme, who is to blame for the end of the relationship.

The way to success is through endurance. Opportunity 2.0 is about the possibilities still to find in a bad situation. The final By My Side is a song of praise for the strength that grows through a healthy partnership.

Lindsey Webster's Love Inside is a deep and meaningful script about all scenarios relationship can offer. Lindsey, with her inimitable voice, is able to credibly communicate the finest nuances of emotions.




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Album Information

Title: Love Inside
Artist: Lindsey Webster
Year: 2018
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment

1 Love Inside 7:18
2 A Love Before 4:26
3 Bad Grammar (Me & You) 4:10
4 Free To Be Me (feat. Norman Brown) 4:57
5 Dream 4:42
6 Don't Give Up On Me 4:01
7 One Last Time 4:12
8 Even If He Lied 1:40
9 Walk Away 5:52
10 It's Not You, It's Me (feat. Rick Braun) 5:27
11 Opportunity 2.0 5:27
12 By My Side 4:28

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