My first contact to young saxophonist Vandell Andrew was in 2011, when I reviewed his album Years Later... This album was his treatment of the shocking experience after the distorting roll over of Katrina.

Back to normality Vandell presents this year Turn It Up, an EP with five pieces. These  high-energy instrumental songs are produced by Nate Harasim, Landa Gherrá, and Vandell Andrew.

The EP starts with the real burner Let's Ride. The tune is so fast paced, that old bones are shaken properly. Keyboardist Nate Harasim creates on a clubbing shuffle beat the ideal platform for Vandell's intoxicating performance.

On the mid tempo On the Go pairs the saxophone with  Landa Gherrá's  electronic sound. Reginald Dunn adds his yelling guitar. Driven leans to the positive side with a captivating melody.

Just Dance is Vandell's personal invitation to dance to his hypnotic refrain. With the final Turn It Up he keeps you on the dance floor with strong sax blows on a bumping rhythm.

Turn It Up is tailored for the dancing smooth jazz fans. A high entertainment factor.






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Album Information

Title: Turn It Up EP
Artist: Vandell Andrew
Year: 2014
Length: 0:19:58
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: CDBaby


01 Let's Ride [4:31]
02 On the Go [4:01]
03 Driven [3:52]
04 Just Dance [3:40]
05 Turn It Up [3:55]

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