New Latitude is a project of guitarists and composers Dave Erickson and Jim Carr. Dave is known by The Dave Erickson Project and the album Pinnacle (2013). Jim has released three instrumental acoustic guitar CDs, The Space Below (2012), The Green Room (2002), and Acoustic Legacy Sessions (1999).

Their collective debut album called Convergence (2014). The duo is joined by Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa (bass),  David Young (drums and percussion), and Deon Kuhl (drums). The acoustic guitar duo is compared by prolific reviewers with the group Acoustic Alchemy. A praise the same time a stimulus.

Starter of the album is the guitar piece New Day, which comes as a madrigal at first glance before assuming fiery traits. Sunset is an eccentric mixture of reggae and structured fugal guitar harmony.

Trailblazing is the practice of marking paths in outdoor recreational areas with blazes. The duo marks with this piece their most personal track. If the number 14 is incident on the color green, then 14 & Green may radiate their own magic. Seven Falls is a series of seven cascading waterfalls of South Cheyenne Creek in South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado. This piece is a tribute to this natural spectacle.

The main interactive feature of the two guitarists is the flowing intermeshing note string that weaves itself into a dense carpet of sound like on Fleeting Passage. Songs like Reflections are very harmonious, consistent and have their charm for supporters of the acoustic guitar. However, one must be aware that the restriction on the timbre of one instrument, also reduces the circle of interested listeners of instrumental music.

Undoubtedly, both guitarists are masters of their craft. Finally with No Matter What they seek closeness to smooth jazz or the more popular melody sequence. If you want to make the overall package more attractive and decides to this genre of music, one must begin earlier or just remains a nice niche product.

Eastern Square is very well thought through and has a particular appeal. In no way contemporary jazz I would rather assign the music to the field of folklore finger style. With Best of Times the duo finds a worthy and pleasing finish.

The love of the acoustic guitar drives a strange game. Then found two like-minded people, it becomes a crystalline guitar album. Only when the guitar sound fades away do you think about the marketing. No, the artist does not search his audience, the audience has to change his listening habits. So New Latitude makes with Convergence things right. It just depends on the position or the musical tastes.






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Album Information

1. New Day (3:55)
2. Sunset (3:49)
3. Trailblazing (3:50)
4. 14 & Green (3:27)
5. Seven Falls (4:14)
6. Fleeting Passage (2:03)
7. Foothills Wonder (4:06)
8. Reflections (3:55)
9. No Matter What (4:32)
10. Eastern Square (3:36)
11. Best of Times (1:42)