Guitarist Ken Navarro celebrates the release of his 21st album Ruby Lane with a glass of delicious red wine. Meanwhile, Ken has disconnected from the chains of the Smooth Jazz format and focuses on pure guitar music.

The difference is audible on the interpretation of Boz Scaggs Can I Make It Last (Or Will It Just Be Over). The primeval sound of abundance of pure acoustic guitar testifies sophisticated recording technology.

Running Toward the Sun is propelled by the rhythm arrangement. The guitar is self-perpetuating the rhythmic guidelines. Kings and Queens is dedicated to Coretta Scott King and Ethel Kennedy, an interlaced piece with its own dynamics.

Westbound and Rolling investigated the variation of different sound shapes in echo-like repetition. On When the Spirit Speaks Ken gives the lead to the Scheinbar String Quartet in classical impression. Real Navarrophonic music.

Gentle Man comes in an acoustic set of two interacting instruments. Stevie Wonder performed Higher Ground on his Hohner clavinet. Navarro interprets the song on his acoustic guitar using sophisticated studio equipment in polyphonic method. An ingenious arrangement.

So completely Ken hasn't make a farewell to the Smooth Jazz format. The title song Ruby Lane allures with elements of Peter White and George Benson or just the old Navarro. Fortunate Son closes the album as solo guitar piece. In live performances like at The Soiled Dove he enriches the song with more ornaments.

Ken Navarro shows on Ruby Lane with selected studio technology, variety of finest guitars, refined arrangements and masterful playing his universal talent. A reference album for every guitarist.






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Album Information

Title: Ruby Lane
Artist: Ken Navarro
Year: 2014
Length: 0:51:35
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Positive Music Records


01 Can I Make It Last (Or Will It Just Be Over) [5:11]
02 Running Toward the Sun [4:55]
03 Kings and Queens [7:09]
04 Westbound and Rolling [5:32]
05 When the Spirit Speaks [6:42]
06 A Gentle Man [5:14]
07 Higher Ground [6:57]
08 Ruby Lane [5:10]
09 Fortunate Son [4:46]

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