Luico Hopper

Lessons Of Light

After my review about Luico's second album Reflections I had alot of unanswered questions concerning his first album. Luico was so kind to comment his first album:

"My first recording took about a year and a half to complete. I guess you
can say that I did in stages between gigs.
I met Omar Hakim in the early eighties. We both did a European tour with Gil Evans. It was great.... 
Bernard Purdie I met while playing with Gato Barbieri.

I have done a lot of session work over the last 2 decades while living in
New York. I have been fortunate to play with alot of great Drummers,
including Buddy Williams, Steve Ferrone, Andy Newmark, etc., as well as other instrumentalists. Now when I produce my own sessions I know who will be right for the music. Also alot of the musicians that I used on my last CD I met while I was the bassist for the "Lion King" and "Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk."

Lessons Of Lights mirrors  Luico's contemporary jazz side. To play in an album between gigs necessitates an excact timing and changing between different artists. The style of miscellaneous artists makes this album so alive and interesting.

Let Go introduces into this album with strong beats and Mark Ledford's lucent muted trumpet. The funky motif of this tune is repeated by Luico's phat bass.

More Funk is to hear on So Enchanted. This tune is dedicated to Miguel Valdez Palmieri. The tune is dominated by Luico 's electric bass interplaying with Phil Hamilton on guitar. Mark Ledford sings the title, not more.

Heavy percussion and Luico's bass running starts Mystic Night showcasing Vic Juris's wonderful acoustic guitar play, his virtuosity leaves nothing to wish . Also impressing Luico on bass and Nic Bariluk on piano.

You Are In My Stars is a romantic soulful love song, interpreted by Tony McClendon 's sultry vocals. His voice has a great format. May be a second Alexander O'Neal?

On Morning Star Luico introduces the piece in a sensitive acoustic bass way giving this tune a moody atmosphere before the piece tunes uptempo. Onaje Allen Gumbs shows his wellknown mastership on acoustic piano comparable to Bob James' quality. The keyboard background lifts the tune to a superior level of eternal outstanding goodness.

Joe Locke 's vibes and Vic Juris' guitar brilliants on Take A Look Inside. Luico comments: On my first Cd, we recorded Take A Look Inside at Omar's Studio. He often tells me that he thinks it is one of his finest Solos Laughs....

Bass Moments is Luico's bass solo interlude. Yes, the bass is also a solo instrument.

On State Of Mind we hear the typical keyboard riffs and Dave Man's skillfull sax solo climbing the highest highs. Luico's adds the funky bass pepper. If you are familiar with the funk history you may recognize Luico's musical quotations (You make me up..).

Shifting My Sails is Cookie Watkin's stage, the girl can sing! Perfect Luico 's trilogy: Composing, arranging, playing.

Tight Groove is a funky final firework. Dave Mann's sax, Nic Bariluk on Hammond B3, Luico's bass, the rhythm section Steve Thornton and Tony "Thunder Smith", demonstrate technical ability and creativity.

Luico Hopper 's Lessons Of Light is a special blend of contemporary jazz improvisations with hooking melodies on a high professional level. I have learned the lessons well.





The musicians:
  • Omar Hakim, drums
  • Mark Ledford, vocals, trumpet
  • Onaje Allen Gumbs, acoustic piano
  • Bernard Purdy, drums
  • Dave Mann, saxophone
  • Vernon Burrell, organ
  • Steve Thornton, percussion
  • Errol "Crusher" Bennett, percussion
  • Brian Brake, drums
  • Vic Juris, acoustic guitar
  • Joe Locke, vibes
  • Nic Bariluk, keyboards
  • Tony "Thunder" Smith, drums
  • Billy "Spaceman" Patterson, guitar
  • Phil Hamilton, guitar
  • Tony McClendon, lead vocals
  • Cookie Watkins, vocals
  • Luico Hopper, electric, synth and acoustic bass, keyboards, percussion


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