Phil Denny had a blazing start in 2012 with his first solo album Crossover (2012). With several chart toppers he quickly reached a high level of awareness. Just one year later followed his second album, The Messenger. This Christmas album received high accolades.

His third album Upswing offers with Radio Flyer, a bonus track that connects seamlessly to his second album within the meaning of continuity. This includes the selection of his team-mates, which we already know from his previous releases.

Nate Harasim (keys and programming), Nils, Eddy Grey and Matt Godina (rhythm guitar), Takashi Iio, Julian Vaughn and Ed Tate (bass), Dr. Keith Newton (tenor sax), Oli Silk (piano), Jon Barnes, Farnell Newton and Anthony Stanco (trumpet) are among the premium musicians.

Diggin' On hypnotizes with a catchy melody and a vocal refrain perfectly topped off with Nate's atmospheric keyboard playing. Soak It Up is loaded with a strong brass instrumentation by Keith Newton (sax), and trumpet players Jon Barnes and Farnell Newton supporting saxophonist Denny. Apparently in the dynamic style of East Bay Soul or Tower Of Power.

With a ​series of ​quick ​delicate ​movements up and down Phil celebrates  Flutter on soprano sax. On Stand Together Julian Vaughn shares the melody with his signature bass sound, which reminds of the late Wayman Tisdale.

Shaken, Not Stirred is a catchphrase of Ian Fleming's fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond and describes his preference for the preparation of his Martini cocktails. Coming from Great Britain pianist Oli Silk delivers a fine piano trademark with great professionalism.

Dally Walk is Anthony Stanco's piece. He really shines on trumpet with a crystal clear tone. Upswing boasts a veritable saxophone approach. The love ballad The First Time features emotional singer Confidence Killion, who has already won several vocal competitions.

Amorous is a warm hearted song for cuddling and dreaming. In contrast stands the dynamic Valere featuring an interesting programming by Nathan Harasim.

With Upswing Phil Denny delivers a special elixir. A fresh note which sets him apart from other saxophonists of his generation.






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Album Information

Title: Upswing
Artist: Phil Denny
Year: 2015
Length: 0:48:25
Genre: General Jazz
Label: CDBaby

01 Diggin' On [4:42]
02 Soak It Up [3:53]
03 Flutter [4:21]
04 Stand Together (Featuring Julian Vaughn) [4:55]
05 Shaken Not Stirred (Featuring Oli Silk) [4:11]
06 Dally Walk [5:03]
07 Upswing [4:24]
08 The First Time (Featuring Confidence Killion) [5:03]
09 Amorous [3:53]
10 Valere [4:08]
11 Radio Flyer [3:52]

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