Composer and multi­instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni is one of the most productive musicians of the smooth jazz genre. Beside his solo albums and the serials Kool&Klean he also released the Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion Groove Jazz N Chill. In 2015 the fourth album of this collection was published.

The special feature of all his albums is, Konstantin composes all his pieces and performs all musical instruments and that in a breathtaking perfection. A Leonardo da Vinci of music.

Deeply influenced by Paul Hardcastle he is a representative of this digestible mixture of smooth jazz, electronica and chill out. The assessment of critics is exceedingly benevolent. His numerous releases underscores the popularity of his music.

Dreamcatcher allures with ambient synth sound enriched with a great variety of other instruments. Sometimes you meet a melody shining with a breathtaking beauty. Whispers has that special something. Eternal synth sounds and an emotional sax in an unbeatable combination.

Synth guitar, strings and keys softly melt to Drops In The Ocean. Beyond Me revels in synth sounds of the lovely nature. Stylistically the music of Dancing Fantasy is comparable. What A Wonderful World is not a cover of Louis Armstrong's hit, but equally spreads joy and happiness.

The Key Of Sea opens the world to the great ocean filled with wonderful melodies. Take some time for reverie with Fill Me Up. Konstantin's motto "don't dream your life, live your dream" helps him to keep looking ahead with a positive mindset, to deal with setbacks and to stay motivated. Once Upon A Dream delivers the musical background.

Make It Rain stays safely in this dreamy stuff. Even Illumination does not release you from this musical ensnarement.

Groove Jazz N Chill #4 is a musical alternative to Paul Hardcastle's Jazzmasters series. Amazing how many musical ideas originate from the pen of one single artist. We might expect more astounding bits and pieces in near future.





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Album Information

Title: Groove Jazz N Chill #4
Artist: Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion
Year: 2015
Length: 0:51:24
Genre: General Jazz
Label: KvK Music

01 Dreamcatcher [5:20]
02 Whispers [4:54]
03 Drops In The Ocean [4:12]
04 Beyond Me [5:27]
05 What A Wonderful World [5:23]
06 Key Of Sea [5:18]
07 Fill Me Up [5:23]
08 Once Upon A Dream [4:50]
09 Make It Rain [5:08]
10 Illumination [5:29]

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