As part of the Streetwize series (Streetwize (2002), Streetwize II (2003), Streetwize/Slowjamz (2004), Streetwize Does Dre (2005), Streetwize Sexy Love (2007), Streetwize Does Mary J. Blige (2008), Streetwize - Put U To Bed (2009), Streetwize - Feelin' Sexy(2012), Shanachie releases on November 19, 2013 Streetwize - Body Party.

Spiritus Rector is as usual Saxophonist Kim Waters supported by the Streetwize all-stars. That are Odell Ross (guitars), Dana Pope, and Jakeem Ali Jones (background vocals). Kim Waters and Chris "Big Dog" Davis are the producers of the album. Both certainly know whatís good for radio, whatís marketable. This motto in mind they please the audience with cool interpretations of recent smash hits.

American singer-songwriter Ciara recorded Body Party for her fifth studio album, Ciara (2013). Waters brings the smooth R&B rendition with his soprano sax in the lead allowing Odell Ross some breathtaking guitar sequences. Hold On, We're Going Home, a song by Canadian recording artist Drake, is welcomed by Waters at full speed. Sax and key sound are echoing reciprocally.

When I Was Your Man is an impressing love ballad by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. It is debatable whether the saxophone can replace the human voice. Waters is definitely close. On The One Waters is completely surrounded by programmed sound, what the song unfortunately gives no depth. How Many Drinks by American singer Miguel finds a new homestead with aptly recorded background vocals and Odell's selectively placed guitar riffs.

The adoption of Fantasia's Without Me is obviously due to technical sound gimmicks. Enjoyable is the hip-hop salad with saxophone and guitar. Selecting Chrisette Michele's A Couple of Forevers is by far a better decision. On this soulful song Waters and Ross can shine. On Age Ain't a Factor of album Appreciation Day, singer Jaheim pays homage to what he feels are the oft-underappreciated "grown and sexy" women of a certain age. What woman does not feel flattered, when they attested beauty despite her advanced age. In view of the female buyers a skillful sweet talk.

Janelle MonŠe and Miguel teamed up for a duet on Primetime. The rendition is with Ross on guitar a winner. A wonderful final offers I Try. Kim Waters and Chris "Big Dog" Davis create a substantial and charming atmosphere.

Always on the pulse of current music Kim Waters and his team perfectly transformed Urban R&B hits to smooth jazz. An entertaining experience of the better kind.





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Album Information

Title: Body Party
Artist: Streetwize
Year: 2013
Length: 0:45:23
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Shanachie

01 Body Party [4:58]
02 Hold On, We're Going Home [4:55]
03 When I Was Your Man [3:38]
04 The One [4:07]
05 How Many Drinks [4:37]
06 Without Me [5:10]
07 A Couple Of Forevers [4:21]
08 Age Aint A Factor [4:17]
09 Primetime [4:43]
10 I Try [4:38]

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