Trumpet player Joey Sommerville started his solo career with the debut album Ride To This (2002). His sophomore album was Like You Mean It (2008), followed by his third project, the Getdown Club (2011). As rare as his albums are his concerts. Time to change it with Overnight Sensation (2014)!

The album features Earl Klugh, Jeff Lorber, Jeff Bradshaw, Elan Trotman and Eric Essix as star musicians beside many more supporting artists. The album is currently available at Pledge Music. Joey has written with the exception of one cover all songs in part with other musicians.

Overnight Sensation shows Joey's trumpet skills in many facets. With a muted trumpet in the lead he refines the result with a horn arrangement dubbed in numerous takes. His crystal clear trumpet sound is the trade mark of Desire. Earl Klugh ennobles the song with his acoustic guitar. Sommerville and trombonist Jeff Bradshaw are giving us a welcome speed boost with a cover of Duke Ellington's Caravan. They kick the song with some hip hop elements.

Red Cups Up comes around quite queer and crude with Kipper Jones and Phillippia Williams as lead vocalists. You really get going with that entertaining song. Something romantic can not be missed. Sommerville glitters as a crooner with I Just Wanna Be With You. A song dedicated to his wife. He lets the funk in with the up-tempo The Next Big Thing featuring Elan Trotman on sax. Jeff Lorber sets the standard high with his synth magic.

Rebecca Of Birmingham is a tribute to Sommerville’s grandmother. Sommerville gets a new nuance by Eric Essix’s bluesy guitar. If you like straight-ahead jazz, Karma might be your choice. The remarkable thing about Forever is, that Sommerville not only plays trumpet, but keyboards and drum programming as well. The quality of the arrangement is really quite something. The Passport Life provides the finishing touches to the album with a dynamic completion.

Joey Sommerville has that missing link, every real musician is searching for. Call it the right sense for groove, an eclectic mix of songs or haunting sounds. While listening to his album only positive comes to mind.







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Album Information

Title: Overnight Sensation
Artist: Joey Sommerville
Year: 2014
Length: 0:49:28
Genre: General Jazz
Label: JayVox Inc

01 Overnight Sensation [3:54]
02 Desire (Ft. Earl Klugh) [4:44]
03 Caravan (Ft. Jeff Bradshaw) [4:33]
04 Red Cups Up [4:25]
I Just Wanna Be With You [4:49]
06 The Next Big Thing (Ft. Elan Trotman) [5:22]
07 Rebecca Of Birmingham (Ft. Eric Essix) [5:26]
08 Karma [6:39]
09 Forever [4:34]
10 The Passport Life [5:02]

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