Jim Peterik is best known for his work as songwriter, guitarist and singer of the groups the Ides of March and Survivor, Chi-Town Hustlers, and 38 Special, for which he wrote and performed hits like Vehicle, The Search Is Over, The Eye Of The Tiger or Burning Heart. The Soundtracks of the movies Rocky 3 and 4, went gold respectively platinum. Jim also wrote songs for the movie Karate Kid. Furthermore Jim worked with the Doobie Brothers, Brian Wilson, REO Speedwagon, Al Denson and a lot more.

What is the reason that such a rock legend now starts his first smooth jazz project. Jim Peterik explains: "My wife of 35 years, Karen, and I have been huge fans since day one of Pat Metheny, David Grusin, Spyro Gyra, Keiku Matsui, Acoustic Alchemy, Basia and so many more. Writing and performing this style myself is just a natural progression from fan to artist."

His debut as smooth jazz artist is called Lifeforce and will be released by Jim's label World Stage International Records on February 3, 2009. Guitarist and keyboardist Jim Peterik is supported by world's finest musicians: Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Mike Aquino on guitar, Klem Hayes on bass, Christian Cullen, Scott May, Jeff Lantz on keyboards, Steve Eisen on sax and flute and Lisa McClowry on vocals.

It's a scientific principle that music causes Joy. So let's jump into this fantastic album with the uplifting melody which was created during Jim's fitness training. Jim asked his trainer Kathleen for a title and without hesitation she suggested this title.

Jim defines Lifeforce as breaking down boundaries, unlearning many of our life-long mindsets and tapping into the inner power we all possess. Transformed in his musical message the song passes the borderline and has a strong soft-rock attitude. This impression is underlined by Jim's progressive voice we all know by his song Eye Of The Tiger.

Chicago's Ides of March had in 1970 with Vehicle their first mega-hit. The song was initiated by Jim's wife Karen. Similar like the rock band Blood, Sweat and Tears, Jim's model, Ides of March had great success with this style and often copied it in later versions. Although Jim considers his new version as settled in the smooth jazz genre, it's still a melodic instrumental rock.

"Now my heart takes flight. Out from the shadows and into the light. That is my Unconditional Surrender," sings Lisa McClowry. Lisa is known for her captivating electric presence. Diary of a Chameleon (2006) and Spyglass Hill (2000) are here own solo projects.

Ghost Orchid is inspired by Sting's music. Jim sings about the flower of romance trembling in your hand. Lisa's background vocals spend a quantum of mystery. Eye Of The Tiger is Jim's most famous role and super hit. Jim comments: "Instead two boxers in the ring, imagine yourself at a great smooth jazz fest sipping a fine Chardonnay and dancing to the groove." So Jim presents a elegant version of his biggest song of his entire career.

The Search Is Over is Jim Peterik's favorite song out of all he has written. Arranged as a duet with singer Lisa McClowry Jim presents the old Survivor song from their album Vital Signs (1984) in a new glance. Secret Of The Way was the origin of Jim's new project. This instrumental with a propulsive bass run and a captivating guitar riff is really irresistible.

Morning Song as vocal and instrumental version are tributes to Keiko Matsui's music. The vocal version presents Lisa McClowry while the instrumental showcases Jim's guitar both accompanied by Steve Eisen on sax. A melodious song with a rockish beat far away of any Urban music influence. Jim comments about the song Interrupted Melody: " I love a good bittersweet melody-one that convey emotion without a single word."  This is the motto and structure of the whole album.

Lifeforce is Jim Peterik's soft rock answer to today's dominant smooth jazz structures. Certainly an alternative and an enrichment for the music scene.



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  • Album information:

    Title: Lifeforce
    Artist: Peterik, Jim
    Year: 2008
    Length: 0:58:21
    Genre:Smooth Jazz
    Label: World Stage International Records


    01 Joy [4:15]
    02 Lifeforce [6:20]
    03 Vehicle [6:07]
    04 Unconditional Surrender [5:40]
    05 Ghost Orchid [5:08]
    06 Eye Of The Tiger [6:42]
    07 The Search Is Over [5:27]
    08 Secret Of The Way [4:56]
    09 Morning Song [4:48]
    10 Interrupted Melody [4:13]
    11 Morning Song (Instrumental) [4:43]