What makes a great musician? May be that Euge Groove already has recorded his seventh album, but foremost his glooming relationship to the audience. When he performs, he is the vivid center of action. He is the hero of party and fun. A real master of entertainment. No wonder that diva Tina Turner chose him as her sax player during her tour in 2008.

After Sunday Morning S7ven Large is Euge's second album for Shanachie Entertainment. . "The number seven is a very powerful and significant number. God rested on the seventh day, there are seven wonders of the ancient world, seven celestial bodies visible to the naked eye, and many other miraculous instances of the number seven throughout history. On my 7th, Im hoping that listeners will hear the evolution and growth in my music, says Euge.

Euge assembled the finest artists of smooth jazz on his new album: Trevor Lawrence and Dan Needham (drums), Tracy Carter (piano, Fender Rhodes), Cornelius Mims (bass), John Jubu Smith and Ross Bolton (guitar), Lee Thornburg (trombone, trumpet) and as special guests Paul Brown, Rick Braun, Peter White, Jeff Golub and Gregg Karukas.

Euge admits that it's easier to record an album then to name it. Somehow he is joking around, when he calls the starting track Track 1. When you believe, that Najee or Kenny G can blow the most affectionate soprano sax then listen to Euge's interpretation.

On The Funky Bunch Euge turns the volume control up to an energetic horn driven blow in the style of Tower of Power. S7ven Large is Euge's song to pair with John Jubu's guitar meandering into Tracy Carter's superb piano play. With the spiritual Prayer For Peace Groove shares the great community of artists supporting the movement for a better world.

Remember the good old Days Of Soul. Those summer days packed full of entertainment and fun. This is the essence of Euge's performance. The act of raising your hand in a high five fashion to a unintelligent person but accompanied by the phrase: Gimme 6!" instead of: "Gimme 5!" inspired Euge to the next slow going tune, whose multifarious arrangement needs a second glance.

On Welcome To The Journey Euge improves the theme with superb echo and pizzicato effects. Aficionados of Luther Vandross' music will remember his song Love Won't Let Me Wait from the album Any Love (1988). Now Euge brings this wonderful song back in a perfectly arranged rendition treating respect to the original. I love Tracy Carter's intro!

With To The Nines Euge pays tribute to the nine muses presenting Peter White's flamboyant solo on acoustic guitar.  Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out. Ten 2 Two interprets these bible words in a gospel way.

To answer the introducing question Groove's S7ven Large offers a flashing multiplicity of smooth tunes, accessible jazz and inventive musicality.





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Album Information

Title: S7ven Large
Artist: Euge Groove
Year: 2011
Length: 0:52:26
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Shanachie Entertainment


01 Track 1 [4:46]
02 The Funky Bunch [4:52]
03 S7ven Large [5:26]
04 Prayer For Peace [5:30]
05 Days Of Soul [6:13]
06 Gimme 6 [5:03]
07 Welcome To The Journey [4:49]
08 Love Won't Let Me Wait [5:01]
09 To The Nines [4:25]
10 Ten 2 Two [6:22]

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