Candy Dulfer appeared in the smooth jazz scene with a big bang. Her debut album Saxuality (1990) sold more than a million copies worldwide and scored a Grammy nomination. She founded her first band called Funky Stuff, that's still the name of her band, by 14 and her debut album was recorded by 19 and published by 21. Her greatest hit Lilly Was Here (with Dave Stewart) reached # 11 on the Billboard Top 100 and #1 in the Netherland radio charts. You should see this tune on You tube and Candy's other videos! Candy performed with Prince, Madonna, Blondie, Van Morrison, Marceo Parker, Pink Floyd, David Sanborn, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Joe DeFrancesco and more.

Candy Dulfer's new album is a return to her funky roots. Her jazz style is unique and nonconformist. "I think one of the reasons why my career has gone so well, and continues to go well after all these years," says Dulfer, "is because I make this really strange mix of all the music I grew up with, even if it doesn't always make sense. I'm not afraid to put jazz and R&B and house music into what I'm doing. For some people, this sounds crazy, but most people just like it."

I had the opportunity to attend her concert in Düsseldorf this year and was deeply impressed by the presentation of her new album. The album is available in Europe since June and will be released in the States in September on Heads Up International. I promise you that is not the every time smooth jazz you listen on radio stations.

The funk explosion starts with the powerful Candy. The similarity to Prince's music is flabbergasting. No wonder, the tune was written by keyboardist Chanced Howard. He was from 1997 to 2004 member of Prince's group and is also keyboardist of Morris Day's band "The Time". He also toured with Candy on her 2006 European tour. "We instantly clicked, not just as musicians but as friends. He's a great musician, but he's not just into musical showmanship. He's also every interested in making good songs", comments Candy.

L.A. Citylights has an old-fashioned paint of soul and Motown sound. Mix in some vinyl crackle or fake distortion, add some relaxed drum beats, horn arrangements and guitar chords, then you have the right background for a soulful sax story, audience will eagerly listen to.

A musical box like intro with a dodgy EQ opens to Music=Love and Candy's sax bursts out again Reggae-wise. Chance Howard sparkles in some gritty dirty vocals.

La Cabaña is the name of an old fortress located in the harbor entrance of Havana, Cuba. But foremost it's a superior mix of Salsa, Garage Sound, Merengue Hip Hop in the style of Proyecto Uno (Greets to Gail Jhonson) and funk, blending seamlessly to one of the most danceable tracks of this year. I swear you dance!

11:58 is a good example for Candy's own imagination of smooth jazz. A hooking melody perfectly phrased. Keyboardist Thomas Banks sets original accents with special drum effects and the song is rounded up with Candy's spacey Rhodes sounds.

Summertime is not a cover of Gershwin's song but a creation of Candy, Thomas Bank and guitarist Ulco Bed. Bass and rhythm are a reminiscence to Rapper's Delight. The song is featuring Candy as phenomenal lead singer. The tune also encompass Jan van Duikeren's awesome horn arrangement in the tradition of Tower of Power.

Sunny beach, gently wind, a cool drink, just chilling around. That's the mood of Soulsax. "It's something that a lot of Dutch people never get experienced back home - the whole laid back vibe," comments Candy. The reggae Smokin' Gun is going right in the bullet. Rhythm and melody are melted to a hypnotizing essence.

If there is somebody who smoked the funk than it's Candy Dulfer. Back To Juan has the same classic funk structure like Pick Up The Pieces. But the tune also encompass some epic bridges. Unbeatable is Candy's dynamic sax solo.

If I Ruled The World shows a further aspect of Candy's musical work, the spicy mélange of strings and horn arrangements.

The slow contemplative and gospel like Everytime gives time for some recreation. Smooth sax and silky vocals for an extensive balance.

Candy Dulfer's Finsbury Park Café 67 has already enriches several smooth jazz compilations. First released on her solo album Right in my Soul this song became a major smash at all the smooth jazz stations across the USA. The song also reached the Number 1 position on the R&R Smooth Jazz chart - making it the most played smooth jazz song in the USA. My kudos!

Congratulation Dave Love for getting Candy to your label. The best advertisement for Heads Up International one can imagine. Sax sales.





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  • Title: Candy Store
    Artist: Candy Dulfer
    Year: 2007
    Length: 0:50:28
    Genre: General Jazz
    Label: Heads Up International

    01 Candy [4:11]
    02 L.A.Citylights [3:45]
    03 Music = Love [3:54]
    04 L.A.Cabana [3:03]
    05 11:58 [4:02]
    06 Summertime [4:29]
    07 Soulsax [4:25]
    08 Smokin' Gun [4:51]
    09 Back To Juan [4:27]
    10 If I Ruled The World [4:43]
    11 Everytime [4:32]
    12 Finsbury Park Cafe 67 (2007 Version) [4:04]