Citrus Sun is a side project of Incognito founder Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick.  Member of this project are Bluey (guitar and vocals), Jim Mullen (guitar), Valerie Etienne (vocals), together with Incognito members Matt Cooper (keyboards), Francis Hylton (bass), Francesco Mendolia (drums), Joao Caetano (percussion) and Dominic Glover (trumpet).

Anyone familiar with the music of the group Incognito, will immediately recognize the parallels, especially as many pieces come from the spring of Bluey. Bleuy was motivated by the desire to play together with the English guitarist Jim Mullen. After Another Time Another Space (2000) People of Tomorrow is their second joint project.

With Mais Uma Vez (One More Time) greet us Citrus Sun with Spanish sounds. Jim Mullen flatters with the gentle resonance of his guitar the audience. The Latin American vibration continues on Tonight We Dance. Mullen thrills with his guitar staccato. After a short rhythm solo Glover presents his skills on trumpet.

Marvin Gayes' What’s Going On is presented at a high level. You cannot go wrong with this eternal melody. The vocal part is performed by singer Valerie Etienne. However, her true voiced qualities unfold on Terry Callier's What Color Is Love. Finally on Cooking With Walter one immediately recognize the typical Incognito sound and their powerful horn arrangement.

You're So Far Away exposes anew Jim Mullen' divine guitar performance incorporated in a haunting melody. Yesterday Detroit captures the vibrant life of motor city. Who has not come yet in the mood for dancing, is packed with People Of Tomorrow. Santana, Earth, Wind and Fire, Incognito and The Brand New Heavies united in one song. The instrumental As Night Falls will enthuse especially the keyboard fans. Micia dismisses the album with a variation of keyboard and piano.

There is nothing to shake, Bluey has again delivered a masterpiece. Anyone who has a soft spot for Incognito, should not miss People of Tomorrow.







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Album Information

Title: People Of Tomorrow
Artist: Citrus Sun
Year: 2014
Length: 0:46:50
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Dome Records Ltd.


01 Mais Uma Vez (One More Time) [4:04]
02 Tonight We Dance [4:51]
03 What's Going On [5:09]
04 What Color Is Love [4:22]
05 Cooking With Walter [4:02]
06 You're So Far Away [5:10]
07 Yesterday Detroit [5:57]
08 People Of Tomorrow [5:22]
09 As Night Falls [4:48]
10 Micia [3:04]

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