Citrus Sun


Another Time. Another Space

Recently I reviewed Jean-Paul "Bluey"Maunik's project Innershade  - 4 Corners. At 18th January 2001 Expansion Records will release the previous only in Japan available album Citrus Sun - Another Time, Another Space. Citrus Sun is Bluey's newest cooperation with a great bunch of highly gifted musicians. One can await the typical Incognito brass sound, but cannot find any vocals on this album. Those who miss Maysa, have to wait 'til the next official Incognito album. The album was conceived and produced by Bluey with the support of the co-producers Simon Cotsworth, Gary Sanctuary, Graham Harvey, Dominic Glover, Gary Crockett  and  Jay Glover. If one is familiar with the Incognito family, you will detect, that most of the artists are also to find at several wellknown Incognito albums. Bluey relies on the approved.

All tunes are outstanding by perfectly arranged horns in varying cast. The starting act Make Me Smile is a dialog between Jim Mullens' fantastic guitar and an arrangement of horns. The vocals are replaced by Dominic Glover's impressing trumpet solo. Friends of instrumental tunes will therefore prefer this album.

Main instrument on Tanya's Song is also Dominic Glover's trumpet accompanied by horns and keyboards. The percussion background perfects up the whole arrangement.

Budapest is a slow tune with Ed Jones dreamy soprano saxophone. Ed precisely follows his own creation, which has enough space  for an expansive solo. Graham Harvey's and Gary Sanctuary 's keyboards accompany this performance and deliver strong bridges.

Another Time, Another Space, the title tune, electrifies with an inspiring horns arrangement with Fayazz Virji on trombone, Dominic Glover on trumpet and flugelhorn and Ed Jones on sax. To the end the tune bursts into a Latin Jazz fever. 

Where The Wind Blows offers Dominic Glover's brilliantly shimmerying trumpet solo and Jim Mullen's breathtaking guitar solo perfectly backed by a rich horns arrangement. 

On So What Can I Do Gary Sanctuary generates a tense vibes atmosphere never without Glover's skillfull trumpet and Jim Mullen's guitar play.

Ed Jones takes over the leading part with Tenor and Soprano saxes on the slowtempo Blue Orchid. This tune is melodious and romantic and profits by Ed's sensibility in playing his instruments.

Somewhere, Nowhere starts acoustic instrumentaly with acoustic guitar and bongos leading over to Jim Mullen's electic guitar solo anew with an awesome horns background.

What is breaks the previous style in an uptempo tune anew dominated by the perfectly arranged brass. Richard Bailey on drums prefers a harder attack. So this tune obtains a different character. Tim Wine glances on Wurlitzer piano and especially Dominic Glover on trumpet searching the highest tones of his instrument.

The midtempo and melodious Full Circle calls thoughtfullness with Jim Mullen on guitar.

Mellowed sets the more Acid Jazz last point. Electronic effects, heavy bass drum programming, vibes keyboards and Tim Vine's Wurlitzer piano overdubed by Karl Vanden Bossche on flute are the frame in between Jim Mullen expands his guitar solo.

Confessing to belong to the Incognito devotees since their first album the judgment is not difficult for me: Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick has given the Acid Jazz genre with this album a more popular face. Particulary affinados of sophisticatedly arranged horns will not put away this album from their turntable.






The musicians:
  • Julian Crampton - Bass
  • Richard Bailey - Drums
  • Graham Harvey - Piano & Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion Programming
  • Ed Jones - Saxophone
  • Fayazz Virji - Trombone
  • Dominic Glover - Trumpet & Fluglhorn, Keyboards and Programming
  • Jim Mullen - Guitar
  • Bluey - Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
  • Max Beasley - Percussion
  • Gary Sanctuary - Keyboards & Vibes
  • Karl Vanden Bossche - Percussion & Whistling
  • Simon Cotsworth - Drum Programming
  • Thomas Dyani - Percussion
  • Tim Vine - Wurlitzer Piano & Synths
  • Matt Coleman - Trombone
  • Gary Crockett - Bass
  • Dave Baldwin - Synths
  • Jay Glover - Keyboards & Programming
  • Neil Robinson - Drums
  • Andy Ross - Flute
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