Which guitarist would like to be described as the best kept secret? Certainly not guitarist, songwriter, arranger, producer and vocalist dee Brown. After his debut album No Time To Waste (2006) and his sophomore album A Little Elbowroom (2009) this condition should change with his third album Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love (2014).

With the change of the label to Innervision Records also the musicians involved are slightly different than in previous productions. Valdez Brantley (keys), Chip Dixon (keyboard programming and bass), Dave "The Painter" Henderson (bass), Kern Brantley (bass), Dezie McCullers Jr. (sax), Lin Rountree (trumpet, flugelhorn), and various singers are listed in the liner notes.

All songs with the exception of one track are composed by dee Brown and his fellow musicians Valdez Brantley, Chip Dixon, S. Edwards. My Love's Forever is the first track after a short promotional intro. Dee Brown duets with saxophonist Dezie McCullers Jr. and the song tends more to contemporary jazz than smooth jazz. Dee adds some scat to his guitar play following his idol George Benson.

Smile Again presents singer Arnell D. Carmichael, who has much in common with dee꞉ he sings, he plays guitar and he is from Detroit, Michigan. More of dee's skills as splendid scat singer and guitarist are to listen on Pleasurable Dream. Sweet as sugar is Ice Cream Sunday, on which he coaxes flattering tones from his Eastman guitar.

The interlude Power Within provides the necessary atmospheric mood in between. The lively song Natural Love sprays sparks of good temper. The Intruders’ Philly Soul hit I’ll Always Love My Mama is interpreted by dee as tribute to his beloved mother. Into the bridges he puts portions of modern times. I'm Here For You (I'll Never Leave You) is the place to shine for vocalist Shaunia Edwards.

Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love is the fastest honey transporter who brings his sweet cargo to the finish. “A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.” Brown plays gospel music every Sunday at his congregation Baptist World Changers in Detroit. Honeycomb is dedicated to his congregation and his soulful fans.

All signs point for dee Brown to green. Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love is for Smooth Jazz lovers as irresistible as honey for the bees.





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Album Information

Title: Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love
Artist: Dee Brown
Year: 2014
Length: 0:37:37
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Innervision Records


01 Honeycomb (Intro) [0:39]
02 My Love's Forever [4:21]
03 Smile Again [3:44]
04 Pleasurable Dream [3:43]
05 Ice Cream Sunday [3:50]
06 Power Within (interlude) [2:00]
07 Natural Love [4:19]
08 I'll Always Love My Mama [3:44]
09 I'm Here For You (I'll Never Leave You) [3:31]
10 Brown Sugar Honey-Coated Love [3:36]
11 Honeycomb [4:09]

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