I met with dee Brown, an inspirational guitarist, composer, producer and arranger. Hailing from Detroit he has currently released his albums No Time To Waste (2006) and A Little Elbowroom (2009).

hbh: dee, what is the history of the title of your second album?

dee: After the completion and success of my first CD “No Time To Waste," I thought the appropriate title of my recent release should be “A Little Elbowroom” because we really had just a little “elbowroom” left over to produce this one.

When I refer to “elbowroom," I’m simply looking for enough room to move around freely. And when I mention “freely," I’m talking about cashing in on the opportunity to maneuver easier within the music industry. Because of Nu Groove Records’ history and reputation of supporting artists like Jay Soto, Michael Lington and Bob Baldwin, we felt more than comfortable with the elbowroom Nu Groove promised us.

We were blessed with three wonderful producers for this project. Chip Dixon, from Detroit, who has worked with William Murphy Jr., Sean “Puffy” Combs and Dark Child (Rodney Jergenson) was joined by fellow Motor City resident Valdez Brantley, who is Usher’s music director, and a producer-keyboardist, who has also worked with Sean “Puffy” Combs, plus New Kids on the Block, Mary J. Blige and Teddy Riley.

The third member of the production team is my label mate Nate Harasim, another Detroit area native whose resume highlights several CD cuts as a Smooth Jazz pianist. One of Nate’s recent projects includes a session with De’Nate, where the vocals of Deborah Connors is showcased. Darren Rahn also contributed on tenor sax. You can add Jay Soto, Nick Colionne and Norman Brown to the list of artists Nate has worked with. Our CD also features the bass of Dave “The Painter” Henderson and Valdez’s brother, Kern Grantley, who is also the music director for Neo, Dezie McCullers on sax, Frank McCullers show casing the trumpet and the vocals of Gerard Brookes.

If you listen carefully, you’ll pick up the way I express my love for the guitar, as it is carries each track’s melody, and truly provides the true essence of knowing what having “A Little Elbowroom” is really all about.

hbh: I discovered on your album old friends of yours like Dezie McCullers and Dave Henderson, who also performed on your previous album No Time To Waste. You talked with Baldwin “Smitty” Smith in an earlier interview about your heritage, your old friends and influences.

So I would like to hear something about your new fellow musicians like Darren Rahn and Nate Harasim. How did you come in contact with them?

dee: I became acquainted with Nate Harasim in 2007 through a well know site we all know as "My Space." What a wonderful invention which allows us to network and put you in contact with such great talent. Although Nate and I are label mates through Nu Groove Records, we were also ecstatic to find out that we reside in Detroit.
After finding out we had a lot in common, Nate welcomed me with open arms and the rest is history! I don't believe in consequences, I believe in the divine intervention.

We talked about collaborating on future projects and a dream came true! Nate Co-wrote and produced my single entitled "True Reality" which is from my last project "A Little Elbow Room," at that time, he introduced me to Darren Rahn who has added his talent and magic by adding his mind blowing mixing skills. Darren is also featured as a guest artist on tenor sax. In the past, I have made it known to Nate that I have always wanted to work on a track with Darren. Due to their contribution, my sophomore album couldn't be any better. What more can you ask for! This goes to show that dreams comes true. Shoot for the moon and you will reach the stars!

hbh: Recently you have joined JS108Atlanta.Com to launch "Sessions" a new show where various artist will discuss past, present and future trends in the music industry. What is concept and content of "Sessions"?

dee: Andrea Moore, the General Manger of JS108Atlanta.Com approached my publicist Bridget Barnett regarding an opportunity for me to host a new edition to her broadcast schedule entitled "Sessions." The concept is based on a new artist hosting a show every week along with the opportunity to create your own format.

It was also an outlet that allowed me to show case my sophomore CD entitled
"A Little Elbow Room" while promoting and discussing other artists' who have made a major impact on my music career such as George Benson, Norman Brown and Wes Montgomery , just to name a few.

I felt it was a great opportunity and a huge challenge. The experience was immeasurable. My show aired on January 13th, 2010. I was informed that the show was very successful and so well received that I was asked to come back.

Andrea is very motivating and a great pleasure to work with. I would like to thank her for allowing me to launch her very first show. It was an adventure and I enjoyed the ride! The boundless passion she has for music will provide her with favorable success. Please check the web site for my show and to see who will be your next host on "Sessions."

hbh: According to the website is JS108Atlanta.com Atlanta's premiere Internet jazz radio station. What do you think, are Internet radio stations after the demise of so many smooth jazz radio stations the perfect substitute?

dee: I was born and currently reside in Detroit which is the home of one of the oldest jazz night clubs around known as the renowned "Baker's Keyboard Lounge." If you were a well known player of the jazz and be bop era, you had to come to Detroit to play in Bakers. Bakers attracted the likes of noted musicians such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Earl Klugh and Eddie Jefferson, just to name a few.

In those days, musicians of all genres relied on their music to be add to the rotation list at many radio stations in order to be heard. With the lost of jazz and smooth jazz radio stations today, we are facing the dilemma of a lack of exposure. We have to depend on satellite radio with many stations involved. It can be very confusing and intimating to the listening audience. It has its pros and cons; it is a great avenue for those who travel, but on the other hand, most people do not have satellite radio in the homes or cars and the thought of paying for radio is definitely out of the question.

This is a new world for jazz and smooth jazz music. We have to do things the old fashioned way, we rely on our fan's support and passion to purchase our music via CD's, Mp3's, ect. As avid musicians, we promise to deliver fresh and exciting masterpieces upon command. The buck does not stop here, we must continue to keep smooth jazz alive!

hbh: So what are your plans for the near future?

dee: We are currently garnering massive media/p.r. exposure for my new single,
"True Reality," which features my label mates, Darren Rahn on saxophone and Nate Harasim on keyboards. This is the first single from my sophomore project titled, "A little Elbowroom" on Nu Groove Records. Along with the promotions, we are planning strategic touring and guest appearances, which will include Jazz festivals, concerts, as well as radio and television appearances. As we speak, there are additional International opportunities being considered for the upcoming Spring/Summer concert series of 2010.

Please check my official web site www.deebrownmusic.com for the latest information on upcoming events. I am also working on my third CD project, I am very excited and it will be something very special!

hbh: Thank you Dee for your comprehensive answers. Much luck for your further endeavors.