Influenced by jazz greats like Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan and Blue Mitchell Cindy Bradley nevertheless chose the smooth jazz side of life. Just A Little Bit (2007) was her self-produced debut album followed by Bloom (2009), released on the label Trippin ‘n’ Rhythm. Like on her previous album all tracks on her latest album Unscripted (2011) are written, performed, mixed, produced and engineered by Grammy award winning producer Michael Broening.

“Michael is so good at getting in my head to see where I’m at when we work together,” says Cindy. “He knew I was going through a lot and that this would lead to me writing a lot more than I did on the first album. He really did a lot to get the best songs and performances out of me. It was a unique creative process because we essentially wrote as we went along, and it evolved into a longer, deeper process. Ultimately, I feel that Unscripted is more ‘me’ than anything I had recorded before. It was completely my vision of what I wanted to play.”

With the lyrical Prelude Cindy Bradley introduces into her new project. The dynamic Massive Transit showcases the new style of this great trumpeter talent. Groovin', hip and exciting, this is going to keep you dancing.

American jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter performed Footprints together with Miles Davis, certainly a jazz standard of this former Weather Report member. Cindy transforms this song into a contemporary irresistible version. A cornucopia of mood.

You Don't Know What Love Is is a popular song of the Great American Songbook, written by Gene de Paul. The song was performed by jazz greats like George Benson, Chet Baker or John Coltrane. Cindy adds a worthy and emotional rendition of this jazz classic.

When Thano Sahnas' romantic guitar meets Cindy Bradley's mesmerizing trumpet than we got Lifted. Dream away! A New Day, a day of new life, new hope and new beginnings. Forget the faults of the past, look forward, is the message of Cindy's stirring song. On Deja Blue things really happen. This is an amazing piece of groove.

Pink Slip opens room for the band to expand. This tune in the style of Towers of Powers would touch Greg Adams. Michael Broening created the fantastic horn arrangement and Tim Veeder did a great job on sax. On the slow Inevitable Cindy shines in all directions with her tremendous performance. One Moment More is a heartfelt finish of this grandiose album.

With Unscripted Cindy Bradley adds her name to the list of trumpeter legends like Chris Botti, Herb Alpert or Rick Braun. This innovative album establishes her reputation as one of the leading jazz musicians.





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Album Information

Title: Unscripted
Artist: Cindy Bradley
Year: 2011
Length: 0:55:53
Genre: General Jazz
Label: Trippin' N Rhythm


01 Prelude [1:43]
02 Massive Transit [5:53]
03 Interlude [0:40]
04 Footprints [7:29]
05 You Don't Know What Love Is [7:00]
06 Lifted [4:55]
07 A New Day [4:54]
08 Interlude [0:20]
09 Deja Blue [4:17]
10 Pink Slip [6:37]
11 Inevitable [5:31]
12 Interlude [0:42]
13 One Moment More [5:52]

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