Sonido is a band from Los Angeles, which was formed by Multi-Instrumentalist Arie Salma and guitarist Rob Math in 2012. Their musical style combines classic Flamenco with Salsa, Jazz- and Pop-Styles.

For Multi-Talented Composer / Pianist / Producer Arie Salma, Music starts with melody: "If you can't appreciate the song by listening to it played merely on the guitar or the piano, something in the composition must be missing."

The first track MY STAR just underlines Arie's musical credo. It takes the listener into the folkloristic world of Spain: A catchy melody played by a Flamenco guitar, percussions, and castanets, followed by THE SPRING, which musically may describe the beauty of a Spanish night in Spring with all its flavors.

CAMINO DE LOS SUEÑOS, the title-track, is a beautiful dreamy canzone with smooth synthesizers in the background and a beautiful balladic piano-solo in the middle of the song. BLUE WARRIOR takes the listener back to the more lively world of the first two tracks, while the poetic SAPPHIRE may describe the beauty of the blue sea and the sky.

MARIPOSA is the Spanish word for 'butterfly' and if one listens to it, one can just imagine the brisk flight of the butterfly in the mind's eye. BONITA (Beautiful) is one of those songs a musician writes to express his feelings towards a beautiful young lady. Here the acoustic guitar sounds cajoling and amorous.

The up-beat GREEN SALSA is the most powerful song on the album. It's like an invitation to the listeners to dance. An energetic trumpet-solo by Michael Fortunato and a jazzy piano-solo (Arie Salma) in the middle of the song just underline this invitation.

After that hot dance-number THERE WAS A TIME is good to relax. Here we can listen to a wonderful melody on the guitar and a soft E-Piano solo by Arie Salma. The last song BLACK SEA, again a nice smooth song with cries of seagulls in the background and a charming flute solo (Mel Steinberg) in the middle, can be interpreted as a declaration of love to Arie Salma's Spanish origin.

CAMINO DE LOS SUEÑOS is a successful mélange of traditional Spanish folk-music together with different Latin musical styles, presented in a modern smooth-jazz sound.

© Markus Michel 2014

Sonido - Camino De Los Sue
Original Release Date: September 27, 2013
Label: Perfect Peach

Arie Salma: Piano, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Add. Bass, Djembe, Add. percussion
Rob Math: Lead Nylon String Guitar
John Ferraro: Drums
Hussain Jifri: Bass Guitar
Michael Dubin: Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Add Percussion
Alex Acuna: Congas
Ronen Gordon: Drums
Lilo Fadida: Rhythm Guitar
Mel Steinberg: Flute
Michael Fortunato: Trumpet


1. My Star
2. The Spring (La Primavera)
3. Camino De Los Suenos
4. Blue Warrior
5. Sapphire
6. Mariposa
7. Bonita
8. Green Salsa
9. There Was a Time
10. Black Sea