Nate White always wanted to play just the bass. He did it for The Spinners, his own band RAMP, with Roy Ayers, Chuck Loeb, Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Gerald Albright, Dave Koz and many more.

His first album Come Into Knowledge (1977) was followed by That's The Way It Is (2009) and this year Up Close. White wrote, recorded, arranged, mixed, and performed on all of the tracks, with other writers
such as DJ and producer Nick Luscombe out of the UK, and producer Tony Heath A.K.A. Tony Heat. Other musicians include Randy Villars, Paul “PC” Caver, Dave Stewart, Iva Durand, and Eliot Slaughter.

The album starts with Kupenda, which is the Swahili word for love. With this tight and infectious killer groove Nate sets a strong pulse.

Even a Zombie can have a lot of life left in it. There crackles high voltage between bass and keyboard. The interaction between these instruments finds a lot of new intensity on Sugarland.

With Ducie's Groove Nate continues the tradition of Wayman Tisdale to place the bass on center stage. But Nate goes further by adding bass as rhythm factor, second voice and background in an overwhelming orchestral concept. Sweet Summer Nights has that addictive component which we call good music. We gladly follow the call Play It Again.

Migration has always been a controversial subject. With powerful sonic pressure Nate spreads his own statement. If the theme demands it, as with Feels Like Love, Nate can make the bass sound soft at times. Step up to the Plate carves out a fresh sonic landscape for the funky jazz scene.

Up Close shines with a stunning dialogue of sax and bass. All in My Head follows the melodious path with a slight oriental orientation. Remarkable the expressive implement of synthesizer sound. Long Way Home raises the game of collaboration between bass and sax.

Nate White's Up Close is energized and delightfully vibrant always featuring the bass as lead instrument in the focus. Since Wayman Tisdale the bass has clearly gained more popularity as melodizing instrument.







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Album Information

Title: Up Close
Artist: Nate White
Year: 2018
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Phat Bass Entertainment, Inc.

1 Kupenda 5:15
2 Zombie 5:46
3 Sugarland 5:54
4 Ducie's Groove 4:45
5 Sweet Summer Nights 4:20
6 Play It Again 4:26
7 Migration 4:00
8 Feels Like Love 4:18
9 Step up to the Plate 5:52
10 Up Close 4:57
11 All in My Head 4:37
12 Long Way Home 5:00